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5 Muslim influencers to follow in 2020

In Islam, you will find certain Islamic figures who work just like a priest do in other religions. They provide help to Allah’s followers by making it for them to understand their religion “Islam” and its values. To summarize, these characters act as religious guides for believers of Islam and we call them Muslim Influencers.

What is Islam?

The word Islam means free-willed ‘compliance’ or ‘Surrender’ to the will of almighty Allah. This comes from the root word ‘Salam’, which means peace. The almighty describes in the Quran, that the reason behind the creation of mankind is to worship only Him. In Islam, the decision entirely is upon humankind whether to obey or disobey Allah. In the end, we will be held responsible to the Al-mighty in the next life for choices that we make in this life. 

Why should you choose Islam?

Even if we all agree with the main idea of Islam, it is permissible for us to question. The answer is very simple, Islam is the ultimate and thorough way of life from Allah to humanity. 

It doesn’t mean that Islam is a new way of life. It delivers the final message, which holds on to the same important beliefs that Allah sent to humankind through all of His messengers. Allah calls on each soul to live a diligent life by drawing close to Him and to stay aware of their final responsibility in front of the one and only Allah with this message. It is mentioned, ‘Has the time not come for those who have believed that their hearts should become humbly submissive at the remembrance of Allah and what has come down of the truth?’ (Quran, 57:16)


Allah the almighty selected messengers to deliver His message to us, as a form of communication from Him to mankind. To convey the reason for the existence of humans, Allah ordered clear and practical instructions through His messengers. Muslims believe in Islam’s history. A prophet was chosen every time it was necessary to show the people the true path of living. Muslims believe there were about 124,000 prophets in total, of whom only 25 are mentioned in the Quran. Islam is not limited to the information that was sent to our prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), but also the messages sent to previous prophets.

Every messenger delivered one simple constant truth or divine message. Message of worshiping one and only Allah and leading an upright life. Though the message of previous prophets got lost, abandoned, or changed by people over time, and only a few portions of the original message remained intact. Then Allah sent our prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), as the final chosen one for all the humanity in the 7th century C.E. to build up the prophecy of all prophets. In the chapter of the Quran titled ‘The Prophets’ [Al-Anbiya] it says, ‘We did not send any messenger before you except that We revealed to him that, there is no deity except Me, so worship Me.’

What Muslim Influencers do?

Followers of Islam believe in direct contact with Allah. As a result, followers do not need any human advocate. These priests don’t mean they are priests. It means they are more like teachers. These are the characters who are well in tune with the Quran, designated Hafiz. Some may also call a certain person an Imam. An imam is the one who has an extensive amount of knowledge about Islamic religion and values. Muslim influences have educated themselves to such extent through their readings and consistent search for Islamic knowledge. Keep in mind, Muslims do not require anyone as mediators between them and Allah the almighty. Every Muslim soul should lead a life equal to a person who can give religious authentic instruction and show humanity.

5 form the best f Muslim influencers to follow 

Dr. Bilal Philips 

His full name is Dr. Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips, and he is a Jamaican Canadian Islamic Scholar who is a convert to Islam in the early seventies after roaming intellectually and politically from Christianity to Communism. He has done his BA from the Islamic University of Medina, then an M.A. from King Saud University in Riyadh, and a Ph.D. in Islamic Theology from the University of Wales. After finishing graduating from Medina, Dr. Bilal became a teacher of Islamic studies in an Islamic High School, Manarat Al Riyadh for 10 years, and then he became a lecturer of Arabic and Islamic studies at the American University in Dubai, UAE, for next 10 years.

Though the greatest achievement of his life, and the one which mentions him in the Jordanian publication, among “The 500 Most Influential Muslims”, is his historic founding of the mega-university, the Islamic Online University. In only 7 years since it has begun, over 270,000 students registered from 228 different countries around the world.

Nouman Ali Khan

He is an American Muslim speaker and Arabic instructor, who was born in Germany to a Pakistani family and spent his preschool years in the former East Berlin. Nouman is the founder and CEO of Bayyinah, and also the lead instructor for several Bayyinah courses including the “Fundamentals of Classical Arabic” and “Divine Speech”.

He was first exposed to Arabic study when he was in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia where he completed his elementary education. After that he continued Arabic grammar study in Pakistan. In 1993, he got a scholarship for ranking among the top 10 scores in the national Arabic studies board examinations. His training in Arabic seriously began in the United States in 1999 under Dr. Abdus-Samie, who is the founder and formal principal of Quran College, Faisalabad, Pakistan. Under his guide, Nouman gradually learned a keen methodical understanding of Arabic grammar. He got this advantage from Dr. Abdus-Samie by personalizing the great teaching methods of his and later Nouman translated his work into English for the benefit of his students.

After that, he served as a professor of Arabic at Nassau Community College until ’06 and has taught Modern Standard and Classical Arabic at various venues for nearly 7 years with over 10,000 students nationwide. Currently, he is conducting a linguistic & literary focus Quranic Tafseer series in English.

Dawah Man

Dawah Man, well-known as Imran Ibn Mansur was born in 28/2/1990. He has studied under Muhammad Alshareef. The method of his dawah is apparently to approach random people on the street, who know little about Islam. Plenty of Muslim apologists and scholars have made criticizing comments about Dawah Man and his affiliate organizations. On the fact that their arguments and debating styles have poor narration, this only make Islam look bad and might divert any potential converts. Though this hasn’t done much harm to his popularity. 

His latest career move has been to work as an alim. He and his friends have made so many affirmations about Islamic theology which have been disproved by certain individuals knowledgeable in the matter. 

Mohammed Hijab

Mohammed Hijab also spells as Hegab is a Muslim public speaker, an outstanding debater and Youtuber who debates topics such as religion and philosophy in England at a place called Speaker’s Corner. It is a well-known place for debates, mostly about religion. He has a degree and a Master’s degree from the Queen Mary University of London. He also studied in Politics as an undergraduate and then completed a Master’s degree in History. Currently, he is doing his post-graduate on Islamic studies at SOAS University of London. Some people say that he has a great understanding of the Quran and the Bible, and he uses evidence and doesn’t go off based assumptions.

Ali Dawah

Ali Dawah, born on April 6, 1989, in Turkey and he is popular as a YouTube Star, a content creator whose videos help reach the message of Islam and inspire youth. He made a reality show for Muslim youth on the Muslim Youth Movement channel. It is a known controversy about him that, his most-watched video became ‘Lindsay Lohan Attacked for reading Quran.’ He was kicked off from his YouTube channel in September of 2013 for making a video called ‘Ali in speakers’ corner: Anti-Christ debate.’ He refers to his YouTube channel as The Da’Wow Project. He has more than 370,000 YouTube subscribers. It is said that he is one of the successful YouTube Star. Also, he was ranked on the list of those famous people who were born on April 6, 1989, and along with that, he is one of the Richest YouTube Star who was born in Turkey.


Muslims believe indirectly communicating with Allah and there is no need for any human intermediary. So the discussion about the top five Muslim influencers above is just information about some very well-read yet controversial scholars. Scholars who can teach believers how to gain strong Iman, and what they should and shouldn’t do to properly. 

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