6 Ways To Celebrate The Start of Ramadan 2021

Ramadan is one of the most important months in Islamic history. Ramadan countdown suggests that this year this month will start on April 13, 2021, and ends on May 12, 2021, marking the Eid al Fitr celebrations.

There are many things that you can do to celebrate the start of Ramadan this year;

Tips to Celebrate Ramadan

  1. Dates Decoration in Home
  2. Increase Zakat
  3. Try out new Scent
  4. Sharing Iftar
  5. Gifting to Unfortunate Ones
  6. Spend Time with Kids

1. Dates Decoration

Decorate your house with Dates, Especially in the Kitchen and the guest room.

Dates are the most loved thing when it comes to Iftar, Right after Iftar dua, we rush towards dates as it is a sunnah.

You can put a silver or golden decorate bowls in your guest room and kitchen and keep the fresh dates.

You can also put the same in the Kitchen and can also add Almonds and Walnuts.

2. Increase Zakat

Zakat is a very small portion of your assets, we have detailed it in a blog to who you can give Zakat. This year, make a resolution to give more in Zakat, multiply the Zakat amount you get by 2 and give it double, you can also calculate your Zakat without Zakat Calculator online. Meanwhile, there are many other ways you can do sadaqah without spending money.

3. Try out a new Scent

Trying out a new scent would be perfect! It calms your nerves and makes your mood fresh. Especially when you’re fasting you started feeling a bit lazy. But trying a new scent out can be very productive. Because, it is the aroma that will keep your mood fresh, no matter if you’re reading Quran or Working from home during this Ramadan.

4. Share your Iftar

Sharing is caring, and we buy extra groceries to treat ourselves to lots of delicious foods. But do not forget to cook for a few people. Share your iftar daily with the people who can’t afford it or the people who can’t have the expensive foods you’re having.

5. Gifting to Unfortunate Ones

Gifting doesn’t mean Sadaqah or Zakat, it is something you’d do to make another person happy to celebrate Islamic month. It can be something like your gift the month-long food who can’t afford it or buy them a nice Eid Dress.

6. Spend Time with Kids

Throughout the year we are always busy with our work, many times the long working hours results in neglection of our children. So, during Ramadan when the office hours are cut short can be a perfect opportunity to be with your children.

We at The Islamic Information wishes you Happy Ramadan and greetings to your family, May Allah keep them happy and healthy always.

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