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8 Best Halal Food Places in London

London provides help to those that want to eat halal meat. Starting from fast food to fine dining, chain restaurants to indie venues, there is always a decent choice for anyone wanting to eat outside. If you are thinking about where to get halal food in London, then there are so many options for you to pick from if you take a look at our list below. But first, let’s know a little bit about halal foods.

Halal foods

The word ‘halal’ means permissible and appropriate. Foods that are granted for Muslims to eat or drink under Islamic law (Shariah) are called ‘Halal Foods’. 

This law specifies what kind of foods a Muslim can have and how that food should be prepared. Like all other humans, Muslims eat to continue a dynamic and healthy built of the human body, to be able to share their creation and knowledge for the welfare of society. To acquire the best quality nutritionally, Muslims are supposed to make an effort. In hadith, it is given, that the prayer of a Muslim is not accepted by Allah if the food consumed is haram (prohibited). Haram means improper or forbidden, which is the opposite of halal.

Difference between Halal and Haram food

Foods that holds ingredients such as gelatin, enzymes, emulsifiers, and flavors are questionable, as we don’t know the sources of these ingredients. In general, most of the foods naturally come under the class of halal for Muslims. Though under the Islamic Shariah (law) foods or drinks that are not permissible are, alcohol, other intoxicants, blood, the meat of carnivorous animals, birds such as vultures, pork, snakes, amphibians, animals that live both on land and water like frogs. 

In the poultry and food industry, animals like cows, lamb, sheep, veal, goats, chickens, ducks, turkeys, bison, venison, game birds are known to be halal, only if they are processed according to Islamic laws.

While preparing fish and seafood alcohol is prohibited to use. As Islam puts a preference on life over death, so when it is necessary, prohibited things may become halal (permissible) for the duration of the need or emergency. Mentioned in Quran at chapter 2:173 [Al Baqarah].

halal food in London is wide-spreading in the UK?

In the UK meat market according to HFA, 15% of all meat slaughtered are halal. After becoming a front-page runner, The Sun newspaper drew a discussion by reporting that customers were being informed, all chicken served at Pizza Express was halal. Tesco, Morrisons, Marks and Spencer and also plenty of other supermarkets are selling halal meat in the UK. 

Well, after doing a long digging for you, it is our pleasure to provide you a well-informed guide about halal food places. Take a look at our list of the best halal restaurants in London. In our list, you will find Asian restaurants and fusion food too.

List of the best halal food in London – restaurants

  • The Banc

Their burgers are stuffed with flavorsome, Halal beef mince and/or succulent sirloin steak. They claim that they only use the best bread to create the perfect patty. Their burgers are renowned, so don’t hesitate to go and taste this delicious piece of food they are offering as, The Banc is ready to make you a regular recipient. 

They offer top-quality steaks too. The steaks will deliver you mouth-watering meat with pride and integrity. You are not only getting the best burgers and steaks here, as The Banc also brags a collection of marvelous Mediterranean grill dishes and vegetarian cuisine. Corn-fed chicken, Free-range, and grass-fed lamb give their meat dishes a dignitary mark of aspect in a time when these days every one of us is conscious of what we are consuming.

Website- https://www.thebanc.co.uk/ 

Address- 261-263 W Green Rd, West Green, London N15 3BH, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 20 8888 8898

  • Iran Restaurant

When you are in London, you have to visit this restaurant and have some authentic Persian food with outstanding service and warm hospitality. The owner tends to swing by the table and asks about the food and the service. Their waiters are super charming and attentive. The food menu is great and tries to have “Tah Deeg” too.

Their curry is simply great. I also recommend the chicken biriani.
It is a great friendly restaurant. For Mayfair, their prices are quite reasonable. They offer excellent Persian soup and then a lamb shank with a piece of great naan bread. It could not have been better. The restaurant is in the heart of Mayfair and only a short distance from the Centre.

Website- http://www.iranrestaurant.co.uk/ 

Address- 27 Shepherd Market Mayfair, London W1J 7PR England

Phone: +44 20 7409 3337

  • German Doner Kebab

Their first store was opened in Berlin in 1989 and they spent the next decade perfecting their policies and procedures, their unique blend of traditional spices and exclusive products, as well as refining and improving their creative cooking procedures.

Their kebabs are made from quality ingredients that are exclusive to Doner Kebab Restaurants. The SECRET SAUCES provide great taste as they claim. Their Pita bread is very tasty, and the white garlic sauces are the real deal. The establishment is very clean and the staff is cordial and helpful. You will enjoy The Doner.

Website- https://www.germandonerkebab.com/about-us 

Address- 7 Fulham Broadway, London SW6 1AA England

Phone: +44 20 7386 9990

  • Lokkanta Meze & Barbeque

Their lamb shish kebab is really tasty. The open flame grill gives the Meat a good taste. If you are looking for a good Turkish food place around town, then this is your best choice in this area. Their foods are pretty great, fantastic service and staff are very helpful and will serve you promptly. I highly recommend this place to those who want to eat good quality meats in central London.

Website- http://www.lokkanta.co.uk/ 

Address- 31 Westbourne Grove, London W2 4UA England

Phone: +44 20 7792 0119

  • Taste of Nawab

They offer the best Indian meals that you should try. Their chicken is juicy, and the rice is fluffy and they also serve fresh and crunchy pakora. Their food is very delicious and if you want to get good food then you should definitely visit this place and also bring your friends and family, as their staffs are very friendly. They are always smiling and being charming. Also, they are very kind to children and people of all ages. The restaurant caters fully to your dietary needs.

Website- https://www.chefonline.co.uk/taste-of-nawab-chipping-barnet-north-london-n10/menu 

Address- 97 Colney Hatch Lane Muswell Hill, London N10 1LR England

Phone: +44 20 8883 6429

  • The Monsoon

Their menu will offer you fantastic Curry, Tikka or Bhuna dishes of traditional Bangladeshi / Indian cuisine. If you are an Asian food lover, you must try their Naan, Roti & Chapatis, which is delicious, and the hot bread is cooked in their very own clay oven.

In the cuisines of the Middle East, Central Asia, and South Asia Naan is a leavened, oven-baked flatbread, and roti is a flatbread native to the Indian subcontinent made from stoneground wholemeal flour, traditionally known as atta, and water that is combined into a dough.


Their Nehari, Mas Biran, Prawn Puri, and Lemon Grass are also great, reviewed by consumers.

Website- http://themonsoonatbricklane.co.uk/indian-cuisine-menu/ 

Address- 78 Brick Lane, London E1 6RL England

Phone: +44 20 7375 1345 

  • Ea Turkish

They have been here for almost 10 years to serve you the best foods with passion and love. They always strive to deliver excellent customer service. You will get delicious pide, Turkish sausage, doner, kebabs and side dishes here. They also prepare their desserts. Unlike some restaurants, they serve with big portions.

Website- https://www.eaturkish.co.uk/our-story 

Address- 172 Woolwich Road, London SE7 7RA England

Phone: +44 20 8465 5522

  • Hiba Street

You will find the best Lebanese and Palestinian dishes here in central London. If you are a fan of middle eastern food then this is the best place for you. You can have the most perfect marinated chargrilled meats, salads, bread, complimentary falafel, and complimentary home-made sticky sublime Baklava here. This is highly recommended by customers. 

Website- https://www.hiba-express.co.uk/hiba-street/ 

Address- 10 Tottenham Street Between Goodge Street Station and Warren Tube Station, London W1T 4RD England

Phone: +44 20 7636 6735

Food laws carry a specific understanding, as food is a vital part of our life. For us Muslims, eating is known to be an element of worship of Allah, like fasting, prayer and other religious activities. This is why those who are practicing Muslims cannot have foods that are not halal. And we hope this guide will help you find the best halal food restaurants in London. 

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