Abaya Fashion for Women | Which design to pick?

Abaya Fashion for Women

Abaya Fashion for Women

Modern women who maintain modest fashion are always looking for the latest styles of fancy abaya fashion that make them look trendy and classy in daily life. 

At MiskShops, we know the necessity of presenting the kind of clothing that Muslim women need to feel stylish and comfortable whilst preserving their dignity. So, we’ve made it our mission to offer some of the best abaya fashion online at some of the best prices.

Abaya Fashion for Women


It is not only just a heavy black robe, but the abaya also comes in many shapes and forms and, for many, is a symbol of the region’s culture and legacy.

The chairwoman and founder of the Islamic Fashion and Design Council (IFDC) Alia Khan explained that the difference between religion and culture is often misunderstood, ‘I want to first make it clear that IFDC is not a religious organization; we don’t try to interfere in people’s religious opinions, and we respect the journey that they’re on,’ she says. ‘The abaya, from our point of view, is not necessarily a religious garment. It’s a cultural garment, more recognized in the Middle East, that allows you to comply with modesty-based guidelines.’

Few things to keep in mind

  1. You need to try different colors and styles to see what works best with you.
  2. Always try different Hijab looks with an Abaya.
  3. Use accessorize with your looks, such as brooches and belts.
  4. Try to include all the latest trends with your Abaya.
  5. Season appropriate color should always be your first choice.
  6. In Spring and Summer seasons, try to invest in some pastel shades that will look refreshing.
  7. Find Abayas that will go with every situation.

Abaya for professional ceremonies

 It is very noticeable these days that abayas are becoming a growing trend. Wearing abaya is no longer considered a conservative thing because the view of people regarding this has also changed. Plenty of modern women love wearing abayas. There has been a profitable growth in the industry, and new designs and styles are being introduced due to increased demand.

The immense mixture and smooth availability have made it easy for the ladies to dress up modestly on every occasion. You will find a collection of suitable cheap abayas for every event in different colors either it is a routine day at work or some professional work dinner. It can be astounding to select the right one from such a huge collection on the market. If you want to purchase something classy, modish and affordable, MiskShops should be your go-to place.

You will find a broad abaya collection here including numerous designs and styles.

Luxury abayas

You can choose to wear a classy abaya in professional events where everyone tries to look their best while maintaining their status. By picking an elegant outfit that can complement your modest appearance. Always keep in mind that quality matters. Noticeably, in case of professional occasions where you have to maintain your class and image, you must choose a good-quality modest outfit. A clear-cut change from your daily wear to your occasional wear should happen. If you regularly wear abayas, building this change can be alarming. 

You should wear something that can improve your style for special events. The occasion wear abayas can be simple yet elegant. Their cuts, flare, and finishing make them acceptable, and the right pick can add to your overall appearance.

Buy abayas online

Our website MiskShops has got you covered. You can purchase all kinds of abaya online. Our thorough work experience, skilled staff, and dedicated accession make us a favorable option.  You can explore our diverse range of modest outfits, and you will find exactly what you want.

Also, if you are on a budget and looking for some cheap abayas to purchase, and you don’t have time to go out and shop, in that case also our collection of cheap abayas online will be a great use for you.

Modest clothes for a working Muslimah 

You may ask what kind of abayas modest women in professional environments should wear? If you are a working Muslim woman, you understand how important it is to feel convenience in what you are wearing. You need to feel relaxed and flexible in your abaya, and it must be lightweight and soft to manage all your work at the office.

For daily wear, a plain abaya is preferred by the majority of working women. The product should be simple and elegant in design, light in weight and soft on the skin. The material should give a comforting feel as you have to spend all your tiring workday wearing it.


When it comes to choosing an abaya for office simplicity is the best. A plain abaya without any beautification, shimmer or embroidery looks modest and adds to your beauty. Also, it makes the abaya appropriate for office wear.

Abaya Fashion for Women


These clothes appear in a variety of styles and cuts but remember that if you want one for wearing at work, the more practical it is, the better. The ones designed with full flare or butterfly style abayas are not as proper for the office. As the wide sleeves, they have can also restrict your movement.


Last but not least, office abayas are supposed to be easy-to-wear and lightweight. The abayas that you wear at work must be lightweight, it doesn’t matter if it is Summer or Winter.

If you’re in search of a practical abaya you can wear all day at the office, we’ve got the right abaya for you.

Abaya Fashion for Women

Cold weather and abayas

Muslim women who wear abayas, whether it is burning outside or the weather is cold, they always find some way out to dress with modesty. As we know already abayas come in different styles, and you should pick the appropriate one by acknowledging the weather. The open abayas are very famous in the UK among the various styles.

Most of the women love wearing these as it made them look more fashionable and trendier. Also, they are popular because these are easy to wear and look more stylish than closed ones. As a result, for those who want to look chic, the open abayas are a great choice while maintaining a modest outlook. The only issue with these abayas is that it is not suitable to wear in winter for women. There is a chance that you may feel uncomfortable with an open abaya when there is cold outside.

Abaya Fashion for Women

Modest clothing in cold climate

Velvet abayas are the best option for those who are looking for modest clothing options in colder weather. They generate a soft, warm and very comforting feel and look stylish as well. And also, they are highly long-lasting. Abayas made with premium velvet keep you warm, and as these are the best choice for cold climates, you will get satisfaction after a successful purchase.

Abaya Uk

For the UK’s Muslim population, there are increasing numbers of women observing the principle of modest trendy Islamic clothes. Abayas are very popular among UK Muslim women too.

Abayas for all shapes and sizes

With the growing trendy market of abayas in daily routine, schools, and workplaces, the number of stores catering to them is also increasing expeditiously. All you need to know is your size to make a proper purchase.

Abayas sizes are measured according to their length.

Which design to pick?

There are plenty of abaya designs and styles you will find trendy these days, and not everyone is made for you. You should pick a suitable one, depends on your physique. For example, if you are curvy, closed abayas are not the right choice for you. Instead, a butterfly abaya or batwing abaya would be perfect for you as they won’t disclose your figure and keeps you appropriately covered and also you will have a simple and sophisticated look that combines quality, class, and affordability.

Likewise, if you want to add a chic look to your beautiful outfit, you can pair it with an open front abaya.

Tired of wearing a black abaya always?

There was a time when abayas used to be black always. Some Muslim women still prefer to wear plain black abayas, but there are so many more available. In this day and era where trends have converted, and we have entered a modern world, there has been a massive change and transformation in the abaya industry as well.

You can buy abayas online from our website MiskShops in multiple various colors and designs. It could be time for a change if you are drained of wearing the same black abayas every day. In a range of beautiful colors, we hand over a vast collection of latest designs and styles.

Abayas and Muslim women

It is often said that modesty is the crown for ladies and Muslim women are usually recognized by how they show themselves around. Plenty of Muslim women like to wear abayas that keep them covered and add class to their personality. 

To look stylish and graceful, if you want to buy some new and beautiful abayas we have got you covered. We offer many options in both styles, either you want to buy open abayas or you like the closed ones, just have a look around our website.

Abayas for both home and away

Everyday abaya

Wanting to have grace and style to your appearance, wearing abaya is the best option possible. It will not only make you look decent and modest but also will add to your elegant and classy personality.

It will make you feel comfortable and will provide you with a respectful look.

Those days are gone when simple black abayas were the only option for the women who wanted to carry themselves modestly. Now the time has turned, and there are many more beautiful and posh options. The trend of wearing abayas is increasing day by day, and their sale is increasing at an amazing rate. As these days abayas are available for all the occasions, so for women who wear abayas in everyday life, the ones with simple style, plain design, and comfy stuff are an appropriate option to choose. Those who need abayas regularly would love our collection of different kinds of abayas. Don’t forget to check out our admirable range of classic abayas for everyday wear.

Workwear with modesty

In addition to the traditional plain black abayas, there are many types of options available for you that are modest yet stylish. Wearing them can add to your sophisticated and classy look. Along with a wide range variety of appealing colors, several different styles are also available. 

You will find some cool designed abayas that reflect a perfect blend of modesty and fashion. That’s how you will be able to look modest and stylish at the same time. If you want something unique and different from the simple looking abaya our brand Miskshops will be a great help for you. The clothes that you can use as workwear should be fashionable but also professional for the workplace, unlike plain abayas that are best for regular use. 

For work and school

If you want to have some simple yet beautiful options in your wardrobe for school or work, you could choose a closed one. By draping yourself in our exclusive range of modish abayas and enjoy a classy look at work and school. You will find top-quality products, great designs and the latest trendy styles here.


Muslims usually observe modest dress, but the difference between styles and colors have various names depending on the country. Many Muslim women buy their abaya while traveling in the Muslim world or sew their own or buy abaya wholesale if they have a rush. But the internet is now letting Muslim women from all over the world ready access to an increasing number of online Islamic clothing stores. With so many different abaya options to choose from, we have put together a list of the different modest fashion designs of abaya you may hear about, giving you an insight into the world of Islamic clothing.

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