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Abaya Styles in 2020

If you have not already seen the various new abaya style trends that women cannot help being swayed by, then our article will help you there. In this guide, you will get some latest styles of abayas available, including some gorgeous gown styles, formal abayas, fancy ones, cape style abayas, and any other style you can customize and add in your wardrobe.

Best abaya styles

  • Dolce and Gabbana Abaya Looks

As so many famous designer brands have recognized the essential need for their Muslim customers, so to cater to their requirements Dolce and Gabbana launched their abaya range. Their designs are gorgeous.

  • The Velvet Abaya

If you want to add some latest abaya styles in your wardrobe then this one is one of them. They look stunning, and the beautiful fabric looks incredible spread over a big piece like the abaya. You can pick any color to customize it and we all know how colors look 10 times prettier in velvet.

  • Feathers and Fringes

For those Muslim women who are looking to make a major fashion statement with their modest dressing style, feathery and fringe fashion trends are gaining immense popularity over the years and they are the trendiest conservative dressing style you can have. 

  • Modern Silhouette

A modern Muslimah wishes to experiment with bold but conservatively modest styling these days. The modern silhouette abayas will not only make you aligned with global fashion but will also make you look modest and sophisticated.

  • Abaya with belts

If you want to give your hijab look a modern shape then having a belted abaya is perfect for you. Adding a sash belt around the waist will give you a shape.

  • Drape Style Abaya

When there is extra fabric attached to the actual dress to drape around the body, this is a unique way to wear your abaya in the form of a long and wide shawl.

  • Casual Abaya

For a professional and smart look for everyday work, you can choose this stylish yet straightforward abaya with a plain long, back inner and a white abaya added with broad black trimming on the edges.

  • Abaya With Buttons

This abaya and the button laying out on them is a tremendous casual-wear attire. You can wear a matching Hijab with it which will look like a cherry on the cake.

If worn right, abayas are not ordinary these days and can look very fashionable. You can pick any of these beautiful ideas and try them.

cover image source: Unsplash

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What they say about Misk

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