Abaya Trends in 2020 | Linen Fabric, Ruffled Sleeves …


Abaya Trends

 Abaya is a piece of modest clothing for Muslims. It is worn
especially in the Middle East, Malaysia, Indonesia, Turkey, India,
Pakistan, and Bangladesh. You will find out some recent abaya fashion
trends in this guide. Before, they were worn as all-black Burqas, but
now they’re being redesigned to meet the fashion trends, as well as,
needs of the customers. Abaya designs of today are unrecognizable of
what customers usually expect abayas to be like. The style has taken it
comfortably by women of all cultures.

Abaya Trends

1. Linen Fabric

abaya with linen fabric along with a black net lace

that goes along the length. It’s color combination is beyond
perfection and has been matched finely with black accessories.

2. Ruffled Sleeves

As the past year has been about all things ruffles, and we
appreciate how the style has been integrated with a plain gray
Abaya. The feature has been added while keeping modesty in
mind and it doesn’t allow showing any skin.
3. Arab Abaya
It is typically found in black color and involves embroidery or
sequins that bedazzle the whole look. You can wear it with Hijabs
that add a bit of height and are great ample. You can always
customize your own sense of style with them.

4. Abaya With Net Lay Out
It has beautiful net detailing to it and is minimal to
make for a nice casual outfit. The added tassel belt is a great
addition that keeps the robe-like abaya together and acts as the

perfect accessory. The vision of the entire look is the scarf with a
net border that perfectly complements the entire look.

5. Party Style

It has beautiful floral embroideries and the statement sleeves
make it a fun outfit that one can wear at formal parties and
corporate events.

6. Everyday Look

This dazzling outfit involves a cardigan-like style which is pretty
different from the traditional Abayas. You can easily wear it to
work or school for a casual and comfortable look.

7. Fancy Abaya

When you usually wear an Abaya, it can get difficult to dress
according to the situation. You will find the right amount of
detailing in this evening wear, robe-style abaya.
These are some best abaya looks that you can take so many
inspirations from and design your attires.

cover image source: Unsplash

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