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Who would’ve thought Abaya can be the best item in your wardrobe? A chic and cosy dress, not only covers the body parts that you don’t want to show, but also makes you feel extremely comfortable. Know more about the Abaya in our website www.miskhops.com

What is Abaya dress? 


Abaya is an overlayer, it is super light; therefore, women wear it on top of other clothes. For instance, most Arab women prefer to wear it, because it covers their body curves and figures. A black, long-sleeved and long-floor dress. It also represents a modesty badge, as it carries some cultural and religious significance. The robe-like dress is very simple, they originally made it of one fabric or two as a maximum. You can find alternate names for it, for example in other countries such, Pakistan and Iran, they call it Burqa.

The history of the Abaya dress

If we take a closer look at the history of Abaya, it will surely be obscure and unprecise. People believe that the tradition of wearing it started back then around 4000 years ago. The Mesopotamians from the ancient civilization used to wear Abaya. Later on, when Islam arose in the 7th century, Qur’an, the holy book disclosed the concepts of Hijab and Abaya, to modest clothing for Muslim women. The tradition and culture of wearing it manifested in the Arabian Peninsula, specifically in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and also, in Saudi Arabia.

The evolution of the Abaya dress 

Today, Abaya has evolved to not be just an Islamic dress; but also, an iconic style for Muslim women. The dress has gone through different phases, to now, take different places and looks. Consequently, we can clearly see now, a wide range of fabrics and colours. For example, Denim Abaya, Silk Abaya, Viscose Abaya, and a lot more. The designers have taken it to a whole new level of creativity and innovation. The Abaya now has made it to a global trend and fashion. Although black is the authentic colour of the dress, yet it is preferable to wear a lighter colour during the hot days of summer.

What does the Abaya symbolize?

It may look like a simple one layer dress, black, long and covering, yet it symbolizes more than you think. In fact, it holds a background that weighs. For instance, the Abaya was later adopted for religious purposes, it is a sign of modesty and privacy. For Muslims, this dress represents the pride of their tradition and respect in their culture. The women covered their bodies with Abayas, feeling comfortable and not exposed to any external danger. As women were a red line in their societies, people treated them like queens and the keeper of their houses, so, they had to protect them and afford them a safe atmosphere. In here, the dress played an important role in protection and preservation.

Is Abaya religious or cultural? 


Abaya is indeed both cultural and religious. The answer relies on the intention behind wearing the Abaya dress. On one hand, Muslim women wear it outside of their homes, to cover the details about their bodies, curves and figures, and that is, based on their religious beliefs, in order to adhere to their religious guidelines about coverage. On the other hand, it has also a traditional position, which means, it makes an important part of the middle east culture mainly. In fact, it went beyond its religious purposes which were about coverage at the first place, and actually made it to be, a symbol and a representative of the culture. Surprisingly, everyone now knows what Abaya is; fashion designers know about it, and also, design it and get creative at making it.

4 awesome reasons why wearing Abaya is cool

It is very comfortable:

It is very comfortable, you don’t have to worry about a shirt riding up, a sleeve slipping over, or whether you’re too exposed or not, the Abaya comfortably covers your body. And also, you don’t need to worry if it is prayer (Salah) time, and you’re still outdoors, you can easily head to the nearest mosque and pray on time because you’re already putting on the appropriate clothes to pray with.

You’re always in fashionista mode:

In the West, have you ever encountered another Muslimah sporting the exact same Abaya with the exact same hijab as you? Yeah, me neither. Feel like you are wearing couture, and laugh as you walk past the GAP -then turn around and walk in because you see they have cute scarves.

You’re an outlet for emergencies

Do you ever find yourself running out of time, and haven’t dressed to go yet? The Abaya is exactly the right dress for you to save time and catch yourself up. It is better than just going out with jammies to the grocery stores or fast runs. Stay chick and do your thing!

Instant summarizer

Do you have some hard times with your weight at certain times? And you feel frustrated and not okay with wearing your favourite jeans? I guess it just happens to all of us, well luckily, it is the solution for that, you can wear it and hide the overweight you’re not okay with, by wearing Abaya.

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Wrap up 

Muslim women wear Abaya, that is a single-piece dress. It is a long-sleeved and long floor, covering the curves of women bodies. The dress gained its popularity with the coming of Islam religion; therefore, it holds a religious significance, it came to apply the concept of women coverage, that the Qur’an and the religion mentioned. On the other hand, Abaya not only occupied a religious place, but also a cultural one. Nowadays, especially in the Middle East, women wear it to cover their bodies and show their sense of fashion. And not to forget, if you ever consider travelling to the middle eastern countries, it is the perfect outfit to wear.

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