Abortion in Islam | Abortion is it permissible or not ?

Abortion in Islam

Abortion in Islam

No one can deny the fact that abortion is raising a big debate in our modern world. It is one of the polemic topics that people tend to disagree upon a lot. Some people are for abortion others are against it. However, what is Abortion? Some people address the abortion issue as when someone puts a bun in the oven. However, for some reason, you choose to stop everything and remove the mixture before it has set too much. While morally, some think that this bun, already in the middle of baking. Hence, the bun deserves to finish baking. you can read this article about abortion on www.Miskshops.com

Nevertheless, others insist by saying that it is entirely moral that the bread maker can choose not to do it anymore. Especially if other obligations or some circumstances prevent her from making a real good bun. But the technical definition for abortion is voluntarily terminate a pregnancy before its term. (Facultative use) voluntarily terminate a pregnancy, or abort a pregnancy.

Nevertheless, when you first hear about the topic, it might sound straightforward for you. In other words, some people might say” abortion?…oh no it’s out of the question” however others might easily say “Abortion?…yes I am for abortion he pregnant lady wants”.Yet again this week, two US states – Alabama and then Missouri – both passed a law that minimizes the right to abortion, even in cases of rape or incest. It’s a pretty one-sided decision and not a nice one. you can read this article about «Abortion» and all you want to know about abortion in Miskshops on www.Miskshops.com


Why some people support abortion?

Naturally, the debate raged straight away. With the pro-choicers on one side, the pro-lifers on the other. As usual, each side battling with ideological bludgeons and seeking to unsettle the other with unshakeable philosophical argument.

These arguments are literally always the same. And the philosophical/ideological bases on which each clan relies are so fundamental and irremovable. Thus, they still find themselves at the end of the struggle in the same position as at the beginning, furthermore, with the same posture, the same arguments, but just a little more tired from having debated so much.

Furthermore, war is raging for a long time now. Hence, you find some people who are for and others against. Furthermore very often, when you are in a camp, you are convinced to the end of your soul, that you are right. It’s usually visceral, and emotional. We fail or don’t want to understand why those who face us are also stuck on their position, these idiots, these Judas.

The good and bad guys debate.

We tend to see this debate as “the good guys against the bad guys”, while our opponents also have the same antagonistic vision. To get a more general idea, I, therefore, suggest, dear reader, that you briefly see some of the main arguments that people who are for abortion present. They believe that women will have freedom of choice, hence choose what they think will fit them best. Therefore they will become responsible for their own destiny. People who are for abortion also believe that at the time of abortion, the embryo is usually very poorly developed.

Hence, it allows to stop a pregnancy caused by rape or any sort of physical abuse. Thus, in certain situations, this prevents from wasting the lives of two people (the mother and the child, who could, for example, live in great poverty). Moreover, they believe that abortion can prevent a severely disabled child from coming into the world. Thus saving him from living a very difficult and painful life.
When we address this issue of abortion, we talk about the possibility of preventing a life. However, on the other hand, we tend to offer a better quality of life to those who are already living. But not only. Because by extension, we also offer the freedom to choose, this freedom that women can have. In order to decide, and to build themselves as they see fit.

Why some people are against abortion?

On the other hand, if the woman gets pregnant despite her will, she finds herself pushed back to being a passive pressure human being. Hence, having a child against her own will, deprived of any feelings of motherhood. Just by the presence of the child in her womb, she finds herself excluded from active society, and deprived of her own freedom. It is not without reason that many thinkers/researchers agree that the liberation of women and their growing presence in our society is directly linked to taking the contraceptive pill, which is a form of pre-abortion.
On the other hand, after listing some of the arguments people supporting abortion give.

The time has come to look at the other side. As one should always know about both sides in order to be able to draw a rational decision. People who are against abortion believe that the fetus is a living being (very early in the process you can see the heart beating). Hence, one cannot decide so easily the right of life or death of another.

As it can also be considered as literally murdering a human being. If it is considered a crime to kill a baby or an adult, why would it be fine to kill a fetus? why would kill a fetus not considered as a murder? Furthermore, the same for when the baby in its cradle, the fetus is already a potential human being. Hence, by having an abortion, we prevent the fetus from having its own experiences and potentially becoming a fulfilled being.

On the other hand, cases of rape and incest remain very small considered to the cause of abortions, that is practised daily. Hence, why generalize a contraceptive practice that will be used in a large majority by people who have been impregnated in “good conditions”. Thus, the more abortion is common, the more women will be inclined to use it as a simple method of contraception.

The movement against abortion is also a movement seeking freedom, but the freedom of a potential child, rather than of a woman who simply doesn’t desire a child. From the start of pregnancy, the woman is no longer responsible for herself only. However, she must take care of this living being who will one day also be an independent human being.


So is abortion moral or not?

For Muslims, it’s easy to draw a decisive opinion regarding abortion. As, in Islam, and according to sharia abortion is not permissible. Furthermore, the jurists legally differentiate between two things. Hence, the first four months before god breath soul into the fetus, and what comes after it. After the soul is breathed into it. Nevertheless, during his entry into the fifth month, abortion is not permissible. However, before the fifth month, the jurists have permitted abortion if it is dangerous for the mother’s health. Other than abortion is not permissible in Islam.


To conclude, one of the reasons why people will never be able to solve this debate is because those who are for abortion and those who are against do not have the same definition and same vision towards abortion, in order to be able to define what is moral and what is not.

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