Almond oil | Benefits and Uses of Almond Oil for Hair and Skin


Almond oil 

Almond oil is the perfect oil for your skin and hair. Check out our Almond oil and Sweet Almond oil in www.miskshops.com /  And get a closer look at wonders it can do to you!

What is Almond Oil?

Almond oil is extracted from the dried bitter almonds. It contains fatty acids as well as vitamins. Almonds trees are generally from Middle East and south Asia. It grows at the height of three to six meters. Today, they cultivate it in Europe, Africa, and in the United States, in California. Everyone uses this oil for its wide range of uses and also benefits. From therapists, doctors, masseuses to ordinary people, they use it for both external and internal purposes.

Almond treeWhy is it good for your hair?

Almond oil is known for its efficiency in treating damaged hair. It is indeed a treat for your hair and your scalp. As we all have been seeing that many hair care products formulas include it, in shampoos, conditioners, hair masks and serums. I bet you wonder what almond oil can possibly do to hair. In fact, It treats various hair conditions, like frizz, hair growth problems, and restoring and nourishing the hair. Here are some detailed information about the wonders the oil can do to your hair:

  • It softens your hair: When you apply it to your hair, it soothes your hair thanks to its emollient effect. Thanks to it vitamin E, the oil fills the micro-breaks in your hair, which helps the hair to be softer and smoother.
  • It prevents frizz: Almond oil is a very strong moisturizer. Using different products to your hair, like the hair fixing spray, products that are full of chemicals, or exposure to the sun. All of these things will damage your hair and therefore frizzes will show. Your hair will look more or less unhealthy. It fights frizz by giving the most effective moisture to your hair.
  •  It helps hair to grow: Almond oil has all the perfect properties to promote your hair growth in a healthy natural way. Thanks to its Omega-3 fatty acids that hair requires for growth, applying the oil to your scalp regularly will make you witness the amazing results. As it will fight hair loss and will provide your hair with the essential nutrients.
  • It cools off scalp inflammation: If you feel your scalp is itchy, or even spot some redness or dandruff on it, it is mostly an inflammation, due to a product that was harsh on your scalp for example. Apply it, so it would soothe the inflamed area and cool it down. The oil has anti-inflammatory properties and will help you reduce any irritation.

Here’s a little tip on how to apply it to your hair and scalp: You can apply it on a daily basis. By rubbing few drops of the oil in your hand and then apply it to your hair. You can also do a before bed massage to your scalp with the oil on your fingertips. On the other hand, a 30 minutes mask based on almond oil before bathing time would be so beneficial for your hair.

Almond Oil for skin

Almond oil is also great for the skin. In fact, the oil has many vitamins that the skin would benefit from fully. It is rich with vitamin A that is able to stimulate the production of skin cells. Then, we have vitamin E, that has antioxidant properties that protect the skin from damages and also reduces ultraviolet (UV) impact on the skin. It contains also Omega-3 fatty acids that prevent premature ageing.

  • It treats skin conditions: Like eczema, dermatitis or dry skin, it has the ability to treat such conditions and improve the skin.
  • It prevents from stretching marks: It is common that one of the biggest fear of pregnant women are stretch marks. The oil has the right elements to prevent that.
  • It lightens the skin and treats dark circles: You can rub it under your eyes if you have baggy eyes with dark circles. It also helps to lighten darker skins or only dark spots.

What’s the difference between Almond Oil and Sweet Almond Oil?

Sweet almond oil makes the other type of almond oil generally. There is the bitter oil which is also called Almond oil. And there is the sweet one, which is basically a fixed oil. These latter don’t evaporate and are generally used for scent and flavour properties. However, they have pretty much the same elements that it has. And is indeed beneficial for the skin and the hair. Unlike the regular oil, or butter oil. It is an essential oil, that does evaporate. Moreover, the sweet one is derived from the kernels. While the bitter one is extracted from the Almond fruit.


Almond oil is quite an interesting oil. Everyone uses it for multiple reasons. Medical ones, nurturing ones and beauty and skincare reasons. It treats many skin conditions, like eczema and even premature ageing. It is rich with vitamins like E, A and also Omega-3 fatty acids. Which are so beneficial for your internal, and external body health. It also takes good care of the hair, as it repairs damages and protects it. And it also helps reducing inflammation scalp, thanks to its anti-inflammatory property. It is a good moisturizer, not only to your face skin but to your whole body. It helps pregnant women from avoiding getting stretch marks. This oil actually, has two types, the regular one that is an essential oil. And also, the sweet one, which is a fixed oil. This latter cannot evaporate, unlike the regular oil.

However, they both share almost the same properties. You can purchase Almond oil and Sweet Almond oil in our shop, check our website: www.miskhops.com, for really good prices. And then you can start to apply it on your hair, skin. Make your own face and hair masks, and give your scalp a good massage every now and then.

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