Argan Oil | What You Need To Know When Buying Argan Oil?

Argan oil

What is argan oil? Argan oil is a vegetable oil derived from argan tree kernels (Argania Spinosa L.) that are endemic to Morocco. Argan is used in Morocco to dip bread in at breakfast or to drizzle over couscous or pasta. This is also used in cosmetics, hair care. You can find authentic argan oil on our store at Elhouda brand

History and significance

The rise of Argan from the local resource to global phenomenon hasn’t happened overnight. It took centuries for the “liquid gold” to become the “new olive oil” for gourmands and the latest it-girl in the cosmetics industry. Thanks in part to women who have practiced their techniques for centuries. 

Wood and fruit are used respectively for firewood and animal feed. While the kernel is converted into oil that is used as a skin cream. Also a beauty aid, and peanut butter-like paste that is sometimes eaten with bread.

For years, the women of the group sat on the ground in circles grinding stones together to break the outer shell of the argan nut, which is believed to be 16 times tougher than a hazelnut. The job has long been considered women’s work because of the patience and expertise needed to avoid harming the one to three kernels nestled within. But they did have a little support from tree-climbing goats to start the project. Still searching for the next meal, goats would scramble up branches to consume the argan fruit and then remove the nuts.

Introduction to international markets

Production changed as argan gained popularity outside of Morocco. The goat stage is increasingly being skipped in favor of picking the fruit directly from the tree. And robots are now completing integral parts of the process including oil pressing and nut grinding. The improvements also helped make argan the world’s most expensive edible oil,.Selling at $300 per liter and bringing wealth to families with exposure to argan trees, according to a study by a team of researchers published in the National Academy of Sciences’ Proceedings. 

Tourism flourished too. Signs for women’s coops and stalls selling face-cream jars and shampoo vials dot the landscape in the famous seaside village of Essaouira and surrounding countryside. Today, 5000 women are expected to earn decent wages in these cooperatives. And while some parts of the process have been modernized, there is one aspect which hasn’t changed: the stars of the tale of argan oil. To secure the liquid gold inside the shells, groups of people are still cracking open the hard nut, by hand, sitting together, and using the rocks as instruments.

How to use argan oil for hair

The key component that makes Argan Oil such a great addition to hair, skin, beauty, and cosmetic products is vitamin E. Vitamin E, as it has powerful antioxidant properties, has many potent applications in hair, skin and face care. According to the Mayo Clinic, as we described in a previous article, vitamin E “is a nutrient that is vital for vision, reproduction, and the health of your blood, brain, and skin.

There are antioxidant effects of vitamin E too. Antioxidants are compounds that can protect your cells from the effects of free radicals-molecules that are created when your body breaks down food or is exposed to smoke and radiation from tobacco.

 It may be that free radicals play a part in heart disease, cancer, and other diseases. If you take vitamin E for its antioxidant properties, bear in mind that the supplement can not provide the same benefits as antioxidants that occur naturally in food.

Argan Oil for Hair Top 8 Benefits 

  1. Good Conditioner
  2. Moisturizer Prevents Heat 
  3. Sun Damage Soothes and Itchy, Rough or Red Scalp 
  4. Boosts Shine
  5.  Reduces Frizz 
  6. Encourages Hair Growth and Fights Hair Loss Reduces Styling and Color Damage
  7.  Improves Scalp, Follicle and Skin Quality

Argan oil has many advantages when used on hair. To fight dandruff and dry scalp, it can act as a moisturizer for the scalp. This can also improve good, solid hair growth, as opposed to thin, brittle hair.

Where to buy argan oil

Before buying a bottle of Argan oil from a specific company, here are five things to consider: 

  • The ingredients: if you look at the bottle label, you can just say “100% Argan”. If something else is listed then this is not pure and has been mostly over-processed in some way. 
  • The Bottle: Argan oil should be kept in a glass bottle of dark color since light breaks down the strongest properties of Argan oil. The darker the color of the bottle, the better. Be very vigilant about the Argan oil that is sold in transparent bottles and/or plastic.
  • The Price: It takes a large number of hours to manufacture only a small batch of Argan, and you can expect to pay at least $25 for a bottle of 100 milliliters. It is a low-tech process that is highly labor-intensive, and there is no such thing as cheap Argan  
  • The Smell: The cold-pressed organic Argan oil produced in Morocco has a slightly nutty scent. You can avoid something with a strong scent and be equally wary of odorless oils, as these were heated almost certainly during the process of processing.
  • The results: 100% pure Argan oil should be smooth and silky and should be absorbed easily in just a few minutes into your skin and hair. Should not sting and should not leave any greasy or sticky residue. For real pure Argan oil in a matter of days, you will start feeling the benefits to your skin and hair.

You can check out to find several authentic brands that sell argan.

What does argan smell like?

It has a scent much like Olive Oil but with a fragrance of more raw, acidic, or lighter citrus fruits. Some people even describe the Argan Oil smell as pungent or “manure “like!


Argan oil has many benefits to skin and appearance. The best thing is that you can add it to your routine. There are various skin and hair care products that contain it. Pure argan oil can also be applied to your skin and hair. Only make sure to use a small amount to prevent any allergic reaction when first using the oil.

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