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birmingham centre mosque

Birmingham Central Mosque/ Reference and advocate of Muslims and Islamic Issues in Birmingham. 

No one can deny the fact that religion plays a significant role in our modern lives. It provides individuals with spiritual and psychological support. Furthermore, Religion connects us to God. That is to say, every Religion believes in God, believes in the creator, believes in living with ethics, values, and compassion. It assures specific stability to our everyday lives.

Nevertheless, Daily tasks can be draining. Hence every human being needs psychological and spiritual cleansing, and this is the crux of the matter. Islam offers its disciples this spiritual cleansing, five times a day. Isn’t it amazing to be in sanctum with the most loving, the one who created you and brought you to this universe, five times a day? Read this article thoroughly from www.Miskshops.com to discover one of the magnificent Mosques of Birmingham.

As prayers have been very hard to study, researchers have all agreed that prayer can have many benefits on the human body. For instance, it reduces feelings of isolation, anxiety, fear, and most importantly, increases God’s presence grows in you. Nevertheless, The main problem faced by Muslims when being in foreign countries is the lack of this Islamic spiritual atmosphere. However, we are delighted to announce to you, dear readers living in Birmingham. One of the most beautiful architectural buildings in the city of Birmingham, Birmingham Central Mosque. Birmingham Central Mosque is one of the most recognized religious buildings in the city of Birmingham since 1970.

birmingham centre mosque

Birmingham central mosque prayer timetable:

For centuries human beings, even before the coming of Heavenly Religions, always found ways to pray for what they believed the enormous power controlling this universe. However, when the three monotheistic religions came, Prayer started to be of a certain unique form. For instance, as Christians pray in the First Hour, the Terce Prayer, the Sext Prayer, and The Sundays Prayer. Judaists are supposed to pray three times a day, according to The Siddur. Muslims pray five times a day: Fajr, Dohr, Asr, Maghreb, and Isha. These are the Prayers held in the Birmingham Central Mosque. Furthermore, as the Birmingham Central Mosque follows London Prayer times provided by the East London Mosque, you will find below the prayer timetable for the Birmingham central mosque for the month of June. 

prayer time

However, Birmingham Central Mosque provides Muslims of Birmingham a mobile timetable which they can add to their home screen with one click. However, Prayer timetable changes from one month to another, as it is calculated using two astronomical measures. The declination of the sun and the difference between clock time. Birmingham Central Mosque offers you the Salah times according to London times. 

prayer timetable

Birmingham services and activities:

For centuries and since the first Mosque that was built in Islam, which is Mosque Quba, the first Mosque built in Islam in the city of Prophet Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him. Mosques have always been more than to serve for prayers. They continuously played an active role in the guidance of the Muslim Community. Mosques have always been the heart of Islamic Life. They have always served as centers for education, information, places for social welfare, and also for dispute settlements, as we all read in the Sirah of the Prophet. Hence, Birmingham Central Mosque take pride in following the steps and instructions of The Prophet Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him, by Making the Mosque more than a server for Prayers but also a provider of a wide array of services to help the Muslim community. For instance:

  • Birmingham Pakistani sports Forum

    which is an initiative that was set by a Mosque Member Mr.Makhdoom Chisti, in order to promote sporting activities amongst Muslim Youngsters in Birmingham.

  • BCETS Educational Services

    the Mosque runs an evening school, under the umbrella of Birmingham Community Education and Training Services. The school currently teaches juniors Arabic, Islamic Studies, and Hifz Qur’an.

  • Sermons

    it offers classes, Islamic advice, and Faith Services for New Muslims, for instance how to do ablution, perform prayers, read the holy Quran, and basic knowledge on Islamic issues.

  • Muslim Marriage Events

    and in Joy before Sorrow, the Mosque also arranges Muslim Marriage events and provides an introduction service for Muslims of all ages and ethnic backgrounds to find their ideal partner via the Mosque’s Marriage Bureau.

Birmingham Central Mosque booking facilities:

One of the many things that characterize Birmingham Central Mosque is a large number of facility rooms and accommodations such as:

  • Stage and background decor
  • Halal catering and cutlery supplies
  • Chairs and tables
  • Photography and videography
  • Free colossal car parking, easy access from all directions, near the city center

Birmingham Central Mosque allows for the booking and hiring of selected rooms and halls of the Mosque. The multiple facility rooms help The Muslim Community to Organize many lavish events, for instance:

  • Seminars
  • Conferences
  • Exhibitions
  • Private Events
  • Weddings
  • Funerals


Praying conventionally enables a person to get better in building their relationship with God, and helps you reach spiritual satisfaction. Hence, it is essential to have Mosques in Foreign countries. In order to allow Muslims of the world to enjoy their religious practices wherever they are. Also, Birmingham Central Mosque allows Muslims of Birmingham to feel at home and enjoy their religious practices in serenity. 


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What they say about Misk

What they say about Misk

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