Thank You Allah By Maher Zain

by ishukr

On his debut album Thank You Allah, accomplished Swedish producer and singer Maher Zain effortlessly mixes the sounds of R&B with traditional nasheed, soul with contemporary pop music, not just updating Islamic music, but fearlessly reviving it with contemporary music. Thank You Allah with its 15 tracks is an instant classic of great power and timeless, unassailably intense spirituality. Thank You Allah manages to masterfully strike that fine balance between powerful upbeat songs of praise or encouragement, and sensitive, inspired ballads. It is a bright and shining testament to faith in Allah and praise for his countless blessings. Throughout the album’s thirteen tracks, Maher uses his soft, sincere, and heart-piercing vocal ability, together with his masterful music production prowess to uplift his listeners and to elucidate the pure joy of spiritual and musical flight. He not only crosses but banishes lines of separation between nasheed and modern music. He touches on the doubts and weaknesses we endure in this battle called life, but at the end of it all, with the grace of Allah, we shall overcome this fight!

Track List
1 Always Be There
2 Ya Nabi Salam Alaka
3 Insha Allah (Turkish Version)
4 Palestine will be
5 Thank You Allah
6  Allahi Allah Kiya Karo Feat. Irfan Makki
7 The Chosen One
8 Baraka Allahu Lakuma
9 For the Rest of My Life
10 Hold My Hand
11 Awaken
12 Subhana Allah Feat. Mesut Kurtis (Turkish Version)
13 Open Your Eyes
14 Insha Allah


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