Exclusive Abaya Style for Muslim Women- 2020


Exclusive Abaya Style for Muslim Women (2019)

The term abaya style is used, when women of the modern era find the desire in themselves to look elegant and classy in an exclusive way while maintaining their religion properly. 

As a MUSLIMAH, you will get everything you need to look modest and elegant at our website MiskShops. Also, if you want to maintain a trendy abaya style then you are in the right place.  

We have an elegant modest collection of abayas and jilbabs. Whatever your choice is, you will find the best designs at competitive rates on our page. We deliver a whole range of modest clothing. We cater to the buying desires of all types of consumers. Females, who want to purchase traditional cheap abayas online will find some beautiful options as well.

Exclusive Abaya Style

What you should and shouldn’t do while maintaining proper style with abaya?

Avoid unnecessary layers of abaya

If you are one of those tiny females, then you should avoid wearing abayas that have been designed using several layers of the fabric. Avoid wearing Abayas having multiple layers especially in the summer season.

There are plenty of colorful abayas 

The traditional color of abaya can be black but they don’t always come in black only keep in mind. You can always choose various neutrals, decent, solid colors, and light colors in the Summer season as well.  Another important factor about black abayas is to notice the levels of the fadedness in black color. As the black color usually fades away under UV rays. As soon as you observe the color is fading of your black abayas, please replace the clothing right away.

Notice the length of your abaya

Try to avoid wearing abayas that have long tails and sweep the floor where ever you go. Because these long kinds can cause an exceptional level of discomfort and can even create a slipping hazard as well.

Pick the right kind of fabric

If you are getting abaya for the summer season, then always prefer wearing Linen, Lawn, or Cotton. And for the Winter season, prefer wearing abaya made up of wool fabric, or velvet.

Avoid wearing tight abayas

As abaya is a sign of modesty and decency, so wearing too tight abayas is a big fail! You should avoid them at all costs. Also wearing too tight clothing will simply not look appropriate at all on you.

Have a modest style in a budget

We can provide help for you to have a modest style at a pocket-friendly price. Our brand MiskShops aim to deliver supreme quality, new designs, beautiful colors and latest styles at low rates so that everyone who wants cheap abayas can look fashionable yet modest.

Exclusive Abaya Style

12 Best kinds of abaya for you in 2019

  • The Open Button Abaya

The one is as the name goes comes with buttons along the front. This is a more famous option among ladies because they are breastfeeding friendly. You can flaunt it on any occasion. The clothing has the flexibility of styling options. By wearing this abaya your steps or movements won’t be restricted. But you need to wear proper pants with it, as wearing leggings will show off your leg while you walk.

  • The Closed Abaya

This is a traditional and simple choice for everyone. There are no front buttons. It can be a more convenient option for many women as they don’t need to wear pants, just tights or leggings underneath will be enough. Also, it is easy to slip into, and you will have ease in mind because you won’t need to worry about buttons coming off. Though it is not breastfeeding friendly, and for some movement might feel a bit restricted depending on the cut of the abaya.

  • The Abaya Cardi

It comes with no front buttons, making it similar to a cardi. Sometimes it may or may not come with the belt/sash, but it depends on the design. This abaya is one of the best modern designs of recent days. For any occasion, you can flaunt yourself wearing it. It gives you the flexibility of dressing it the way you like it. You can wear it with pants, skirts, dresses, etc. wearing this you won’t have to worry about the button coming off either. But you need to wear a top and bottom under the abaya.

  • The Kimono

You will find this one similar to the abaya cardi except that it is inspired like the Japanese Kimono where one side crosses over the other and it comes with a belt. This one is also a modern trendy design of this era. Gives the feature of flaunting it on any occasion while you wear it. Same as abaya cardi you will need a top and bottom underneath this one too.

  • The Draped Abaya

This is inspired by the Grecian draped gowns comes to a new twist on the design of abaya.it has a very convenient design, it lets the wearer free movement especially with the soft flowy fabric that just drifts on your skin. You will stand out beautifully, with motives of flower prints on one side of the abaya. You can wear leggings with this one. You can wear this one on special occasions

  • The two-piece Abaya

If you want the most value-for-money abaya then this will be the first runner because it is a 2-in-1 abaya. Like a closed abaya or an abaya Cardi, you can wear it both ways. As the inner of this clothing is already sewed to the abaya, you can just slip your hand into the sleeve and you are ready to go with your jeans, etc. This design is also a trendy modern one of this age. You can wear it with leggings. 

  • Shoulder Button Abaya

This dress is inspired by the Chinese Heritage. An uncommon design with useful shoulder closure buttons. This abaya belongs to the collection of Simple Yet Stylish Abaya. It has black piping detailing at sleeve ends, and it is also called as an A-line Flared Abaya with Side Seam Pockets.

  • The Zipper Jacket Abaya

This is a Modern Style Abaya Dress with Jacket Flaps above the waistline, it is ideal for everyday and workwear abaya. 

The Zipper Look it has, will give you a trendy look with a polished waistline abaya design. It has a silhouette line with side pockets for better service. The fabric of this abaya is 100% Polyester.

  • Puff Cuff beautiful Abaya

With the twin side colored panel, it is a special occasion abaya. Wearing this dress, you can flaunt yourself in any occasion.

It also has specially added puffy sleeves with 2 functional cuff buttons. It is a round neckline and A-line Flared abaya with side seam pockets. The fabric of this attire is also 100% Polyester.

  • The new Chevron Color Block Abaya

It is an adjustment of modern style combined with print flavor attire. It adopts the new duo Islamic fashion clothing for the modern yet modest Muslim females. This is also an A-line silhouette abaya with side pockets for better utility. The fabric of this dress is 100% polyester.

  • New Casual Everyday Abaya

It comes with front functional buttons in duo color combinations.

It can be your simple yet elegant escape for office abaya and everyday casual abaya dress. It also comes with an A-line silhouette with side pockets for better service. The fabric of this abaya is 100% polyester like few above ones.

  • Everyday abaya

In duo color combination this abaya comes in special wrangler sleeves. It has a dual color abaya sleeve design with A-Line silhouette abaya with side pockets which looks very attractive and you can wear it on any occasion by flaunting this beautiful casual attire. It also is 100% polyester.

How is a Jilbab meant to be worn?

يُدْنِينَ عَلَيْهِنَّ مِن جَلَابِيبِهِن

‘And the females, they should draw their cloaks over their whole body’. (Surah Ahzab verse 59)

It says that the Jilbab should come from the highest point of the woman, which means it should come from the head, you can also call it overhead abaya. The shoulders of the woman are not the highest point, that is why when a woman wears the Jilbab from the shoulders it will reveal the shape of her body. Although the legislated Jilbab that starts from the head, it will hide all of her body from the head to the chest. 

Exclusive Abaya Style

Recent trends of abaya and accessories 

With the enormously growing popularity of abayas, there has been an amazing change in the trends of the abaya. The old traditional designs of abayas are also available, but now women love wearing a stylish abaya. You will be capable of carrying yourself with grace and style at the same duration of time. With abaya accessories, you can customize your look with a belt to give a flattering and more stylish look while you flaunt your attire. Also, if you like the batwing abayas, you should know they are a great option for curvy women who want to be covered but also look stylish.

How to make your abaya stylish?

If you are not being able to afford to change your abayas and buy new ones frequently or you don’t like to change your favorite one, then you can choose to add some accessories that can give your same abaya an entirely new classy look. You can try to pair your open abaya with a slip of any beautiful color. You can wear a different slip each day. In this way, you will be able to wear all your desired colors with the same abaya and look different each time. You can also use different colorful hijabs to switch up your look.

Muslim style in the west

Muslim fashion is swiftly increasing in the west because of the easy availability of stylish abayas and relevant accessories. The women who want to keep a modest touch to their everyday look, wearing stylish abayas is the best option they have. Either you want to buy fancy party wear or you wish to buy a decent casual one for school, multiple options for both are now available online on our website MiskShops.

The difference in the fabric can make an impact

The difference in fabrics of abayas is another exciting choice offered by the modern designer of abayas.  A variety of light fabrics such as cotton, crepe, georgette silk, chiffon, and rayon are now being used to assure the customers have the highest level of convenience. Also, beautifications and embroidery add a touch of style to abayas, setting them aside from traditional gown designs. 

Exclusive Abaya Style

Up-market trendy abayas

The manufacturing corporations for abaya fashions have indeed grown up over the years. If you want to buy abaya online, then you should know that there are now haute couture abaya designs too available exclusionary at online modest fashion stores. It is appealing to know that abayas offer its customers the option to customize their attires extensively. By changing the style and design of hijabs continuously, you can spice up your abaya outfits without straying yourself from modesty.

How to pick abaya for colder weather?

With the frosty or colder months upon us, no matter what we are doing, our concentration is now on keeping ourselves warm and toasty. Picking certain materials for your winter wardrobe is important to assure you have enough layers and beautiful winter abayas to set you up for the season ahead, which will make you look effortlessly stylish while staying warm.

Long sleeve slip dresses are a great choice for any winter wardrobe and they can come in different colors to complement your abaya worn over the top. Sophisticated slips such as taupe, black, white and cream are easy to wear as they are adaptable colors to match with many other colors, so you should start considering to stock up for this season.

Conclusion of Exclusive Abaya Style

Just like any other basic fashion style, abaya trends come and go continuously. By all means, you should always look for the elegant classic design, that will never go out of style. It doesn’t matter if you are buying an abaya online or shopping in Dubai malls, always keep in mind that the best style for you is one that makes you feel beautiful inside and out.

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