How do I register?
Why should I become a registered seller?
  • When you create your store on Miskshops, you will have a full and freely control on it, you can add your products, and you will have access to information and statistics of your store and products.
How do I change my account information?
  • As soon as you log into your account you will be automatically redirected to your dashboard. then go to the settings, you can change and update your account information.
What kinds of payment methods I can use on Miskshops?
  • We accept the following forms of payment:
    • Bank payment
    • PayPal
    • Stripe
    • Skrill
Is my privacy and personal information secure on Miskshops?
  • Please read our privacy policy for a full view on how we protect your privacy and personal information.
Where are shipping destinations?
  • Miskshops follow a strategy that connect you with a nearby seller or buyer. then delivery is only made to the same city, so you don’t have to wait for the shipment of your order.