Top tips to stay healthy during the Hajj

Hajj Health Tips

Follow these Top tips to stay healthy during the Hajj 

perform Hajj Muslims from the entire world, pour to Mecca every year, which is one of the Five Pillars of Islam. Every adult Muslim who is capable of performing Hajj, meaning who can financially and physically afford the trip must complete Hajj at least once in a lifetime. 

Hajj is an exceptionally rewarding religious responsibility, which is also capable of taking a big portion of your time, it can frustrate and confuse you too. Still, even after going through all this, Hajj can be an amazing and educational experience for you as a Muslim, and also as a human.

You have to keep in mind that over 3 million pilgrims perform Hajj every year in a small place, it may sound logical but it could be both dangerous and frustrating, as so many things and rules are there to follow which can take a few minutes, or take hours and that can make anyone lose his/her patience. Many Muslims are there who enter on this journey and they are not prepared enough for the experience and what to expect.

So, to help and make the whole experience a little bit simpler for you, we have put Top tips to stay healthy during the Hajj so you can understand how to enjoy this beautiful journey.

Top tips to stay healthy during the Hajj

Understand the reason before deciding to perform hajj

The holy pilgrimage of Hajj is not just an obligation compulsory to fulfill, it means so much more for a Muslim. You will find overwhelming beauty and wisdom behind every custom of Hajj, and the responsibility as a whole. You need to know the astounding advantages of this journey and you should learn about the great and emotional history behind every step and the holy places you will visit. 

There are so many ways to know and learn proper information about Hajj. Our hajj guide will help you in that matter. Also, you can speak to a trusted Imam or adviser regarding your preparation, and if you know someone who has already performed Hajj, you can talk to them and learn about their experiences during those days.

If you want to make your journey meaningful then learn your history and set your intention right.

  • Research a lot

The five days of Hajj will require different rites and rituals all across the holy land of Mecca and Medina, so knowing every detail about what to do and where to visit can be complicated for those who are carrying out Hajj for the first time. To perform Hajj, the very first tip for you is to prepare as much as you can in advance. You will easily discover many guidebooks full of hajj checklist and Umrah guide available online and in bookstores too, to help yourself with all kinds of ways you can please Allah the almighty on your pilgrimage this year.

Stay healthy

Almost every practicing Muslim knows that Hajj is the most physically demanding pillar of Islam, especially for those who are not used to do long treks. Sometimes there you will have to walk for a very long time between the holy sites because there will be no vehicles available because of the gathering of millions of people, and for the men, it is an obligation to run (who is capable) or walk very fast from Safa to Marwa, which is about a half a kilometer journey, that can be very tiring and challenging for so many Muslims.

For this, you can prepare yourself by simply walking. You can start walking for 20 minutes a day a few months before the date of your journey, and take it as a challenge of some longer treks before you go so that your body will get prepared. This tips for Hajj will also be helpful as it will reduce the physical stress you will be under, trekking under the heat and the crowds, by this you can solely concentrate on your spiritual journey.

Bring your list of dua

It’s once in a lifetime opportunity, as you will find no better time and place to make dua than these holy days of Hajj. Prayers uttered at the Grand Mosque in Mecca, also known as Masjid al-Haram are known to be worth 100,000 times more than performed elsewhere.

Though, in the busy schedule of the Hajj, there is a chance of you to forget something very important and regret it later. For that, one of the best Top tips to stay healthy during the Hajj is to create a list of all the prayer and things you wish to pray for or give thanks to Allah the almighty for and keep this list with you all the time. Before starting your journey, you should ask your loved ones if anyone has any requests on their behalf, for things, they’d like you to pray for. Know that something is rewarding about using your Duas on your Hajj to pray for others.

Have an extra copy of every important document of yours

Don’t forget to make extra copies of your documents as they could get lost sometimes. It’s also a good idea while on Hajj, keep extra copies in different places. You can keep one in your luggage and one with you, in case you lose one, you will always have a backup one. 

Expect less

As Hajj is not only a responsibility for you to fulfill, from Allah the almighty it is also a test of your patience and endurance during difficult times. If you don’t want to get disappointed you should keep your expectations low. Yes, Hajj can be very expensive, even if you get a VIP package, sometimes the given service will not fulfill your expectations. So, you should not get discouraged easily by any inconvenient situations. 

Millions of pilgrims are being prepared for their life-time journey of hajj. If you want to avoid diseases and infections during hajj, pilgrims are supposed to follow a list of health tips and guidelines and the hajj preparation list. There are some of the tips below you will find as provided by the Ministry of Health in KSA for pilgrims.

Top 7 tips to stay healthy during the Hajj

Personal Hygiene

  • You need to, maintain your hygiene equipment, for example, a towel, shaving tools, soap, toothbrush and toothpaste, creams, and moisturizing ointments in sufficient quantities, and an umbrella is very much recommended for the heat.
  • Use handkerchiefs while coughing or sneezing by covering the nose and mouth, and then throw them in the trash.
  • Bring a sufficient amount of clothes, and comfortable hajj footwear with you as you will have to walk a lot. You will need to change into fresh clothes regularly. Loose, light-colored clothes are needed and recommended. The same rule applies to Umrah Hajj too. You will need to bring light clothes and customized Umrah footwear for your journey.

Don’t spit on the floor, as it is a premium source of infection.

  • In crowded places use a face-mask, and change it daily.
  • To prevent swollen feet, sitting for a long time on the plane or bus, visitors recommend walking or standing for a short while every one or two hours.

First-aid kits

It is advised for every pilgrim to have a medical, first aid kit, filled with necessary medicines to deal with any emergency that may occur during the Hajj rituals. As pilgrims often perform their Hajj with an organized group that takes care of these things, so every group of pilgrims may even have their doctor, which is very helpful.

Medical card

Those who are suffering from certain diseases must carry on their medical card on their neck or as a bracelet that will explain their medical condition in detail. In case of any emergency, this is necessary for receiving prompt treatment. 

Tips for shaving and haircutting

  • Choose a nice barber and not a street barber.
  • One-time used razer or shavers are recommended.
  • Try to use your razer or shavers to avoid infection of hepatitis (B) and (C), and even AIDS.

Protection against food poisoning

  • Have fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • While buying canned foods or drinks, don’t forget to verify their expiry dates.
  • Wash your hands before and after you eat.
  • The same goes for preparing food too. Wash your hands properly before you cook.
  • Try to eat cooked food immediately after cooking, sometimes in need, you can keep them in the freezer.

Try to avoid bringing cooked food in buses for a long journey, when moving from on Hajj site to another.

Protect yourself against heat exhaustion and sunstrokes

  • Drink enough liquid to keep yourself hydrated
  • Avoid exposing yourself under the sun for a long period, and use an umbrella on day time.
  • Don’t make too much effort, and try to have sufficient rest and sleep after performing each of the Hajj rituals, so you don’t lose your strength.

Avoid wearing heavy and dark-colored clothes

  • Vaccinations

Pilgrims should be up to date with their routine vaccinations before their Hajj journey, including those against measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR), diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis (DTPA) and polio.

  • Conclusion

Remember that Hajj is an event when a pilgrim must control himself/herself and show a high degree of patience and tolerance, as Allah and His Messenger commanded.

No number of guidelines can prepare you for the majesty and depth of the experience of Hajj. But we hope, if you follow our Top tips to stay healthy during the Hajj and basic Hajj Tips, your experience of this holy journey can be even more special because you will understand exactly what you are doing, and why. Here, we pray that Allah almighty accept the Hajj of all those who will be going the next year, and grant all their wishes to go with the ability to do so soon, and bring them home safely. Please don’t forget to keep the poor, the refugee and the unfortunate ones around the world in your prayers.

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