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Halal Food

Halal Food Near Me

Halal is an Arabic word, which translates into English as “allowable or lawful.”

In the Quran, the term halal is (forbidden) contrasted with haram. This binary opposition was elaborated into a more complex classification known as “the five decisions”: mandatory, recommended, neutral, reprehensible, and forbidden. Islamic jurists disagree on whether the term halal covers the first two or the first four of these categories. Follow our recent blogs for more information at www.miskshops.com

The term halal is particularly associated with Islamic dietary laws and especially meat processed and prepared under those requirements. Since practicing Muslims cannot eat foods that are not halal, and not all restaurants offer halal options, eating out can be difficult. The most basic concern of Muslim brothers living in non-muslim countries is ‘Is there halal food near me?’

We shall discuss several options available to Muslims living in the UK

Halal Food Near Me | Halal Restaurants: UK

We all know that London is known for its world-class restaurants, a flavor metropolis but does it fulfill all dietary needs? If you’re Halal, in London, can you eat your heart out? Okay, we’ve done the digging for you and we’re pleased to say you can do it. Check out our list of London’s Best Halal Restaurants.

Bloomsbury: Sage & Chilli

Renowned for its prime meats, particularly its beef aged 21 days, Sage & Chilli offers modern European cuisine with a quintessential Italian flair. Set in the heart of the West End at St Giles London Hotel, the restaurant combines authentic family-style dishes with creative, modern finesse. It is popular with both visitors and locals and is renowned for its authentic, friendly service and unforgettable flavor.

Mamounia Salon, Mayfair

Mamounia Lounge is another gem situated in fashionable Mayfair, offering authentic Middle Eastern food, innovative drinks, and colorful décor. The extensive menu features everything from slow-cooked tagines to mezzanine platters to extensive grill delights. Lebanon and Morrocco ‘s delicate scents and tastes float through the air, sending your palates on the ultimate magic carpet trip.

Yalla Yalla 

Yalla screams homestyle cooking and hospitality, with the tagline “straight from the heart of our grandmothers.” A family-run company, it prides itself on authentic, delicious recipes with every mouthful bringing hospitality and warmth to the Middle East. It’s rich in character as well as flavor, from small plates of tempting mezze to delicately cooked dishes over coals.

The Banc, The Green West

Known as the best burger bar and steak house in North London for halal booking, The Banc has been certified as a Halal for over 6 years. Their emphasis on seasonal, fresh produce and delicately matured meat mean their menu is packing a memorable punch. Offering a sense of warmth and airy sophistication, The Banc is one of the best-rated restaurants in London, a quality institution.

More budget-friendly options are also there

The Halal Guys London | Halal Food Near Me

The Halal Guys is an excellent choice for those who want to eat healthy without breaking the bank. … The menu is the same at all locations of The Halal Guys. You go through the line and build your wrap or platter. Fill it with your choice of gyro, chicken, or combo, then load it up with toppings and sauces. Halal Guys has many branches throughout the UK.

KFC has about 900 outlets in the UK. NOT all of them serve halal food. About 110 outlets currently serve Halal food.

Below you’ll find a list of all the outlets that carry a halal certificate and serve halal food. There are 121 KFC outlets on this page. The ones below have a KFC menu that contains certified halal food.





Is McDonald’s Halal?

McDonald’s is the world’s largest fast-food franchise with 68 million customers entering its doors daily, including Muslims.

Although McDonald’s knowledge that Muslims can eat ‘vegetarian-friendly’ products, they still do not associate Islam with the brand nor do they want to fail to meet Halal guidelines. It would be hard for every restaurant to meet this standard.

That being said, McDonald’s verify certain products are suitable for vegetarians, which we as Muslims know we can consume, but only after, it is clear that there are no other harmful substances or cross-contamination.

Halal Takeaways Near Me | Halal Food Near Me

There are plenty of quality restaurants that cook and serve halal meals – and all kinds of cuisines. You can choose from a wide range of delicious dishes from UK favorite restaurants from hot and tasty kebabs and shawarmas to fragrant tagines all using halal meat. Chinese Halal beef, pizza, and halal chicken are all on the menu as well. We deliver to your door from your favorite establishments so enjoy Halal standard restaurant at home. Services such as Uber Eats and Deliveroo serve customers round the clock!

How Halal Food Benefits You

  • Safer to Eat

Great emphasis on food safety and hygiene is placed at Halal food. This means that when it comes to food contamination there’s also a lower incidence rate. Animals raised on Halal farms are reared differently as Halal farmers have to adhere to the rules and regulations that their religion has set out.

The animals must be well treated and given healthy and clean feeds, and Halal farmers must also avoid using antibiotics and chemicals which are used by many other farms that are driven by profit.

  • More Ethical

Slaughtering an animal that is sick is not permissible, therefore animals are kept under natural and clean conditions to support disease-free growth. Animals are treated well, and many people also believe that Halal slaughter is very humane, causing animals less stress and pain compared to modern farming techniques.

  • Enhances Metabolism

To take the best possible care of your own body is a fundamental requirement of a Muslim. One of the most fundamental ways to do so is by ensuring that the food that is consumed is healthy and of good quality. Healthy consumption also supports the immune system, brain, and metabolic function. And the metabolic function is vital in maintaining the body’s overall health.

cover image source: Photo by Lucian Alex

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What they say about Misk

What they say about Misk

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"Miskshops gives us the opportunity to reach muslim communities"

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"Miskshops gives us the opportunity to reach muslim communities"

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