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Halal food UK

What if cooking once again became a pure expression of self and freedom? Creative cooking offers a return to one’s roots, between culture, playful innovations and introspection. It goes without saying that we are what we eat, and we are also what we cook. While eating does say a lot about us, the art of cooking also reveals different parts of our identity. Whether they are already clear to us or even subconscious. Cooking is not only a household act, but it is also an act that encompasses a sensory, social, family and cultural dimension. You can read this article about Halal food UK and all you need to know about halal food uk in Mislshops on www.miskhops.com

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The pleasure of cooking halal food :

Who does not remember a precious family recipe passed down from generation to generation? Or sacred moments shared in the kitchen simmering traditional dishes? Who has never heard of Grandma’s famous inimitable pie? Or the secret of which is well kept? Cuisine brings people together but it also carries with it one’s origins, history, emotions, culture and above all, a lot of freedom.
Furthermore, cooking offers the possibility of slowing down, of being fully attentive to the present moment. Therefore, doing so helps manage stress in a better way. In addition, cooking helps people refocus on their five senses and remains inseparable from sensory, and sensual pleasure.
Preparing a dish is often linked to an intention to please but can, therefore, be accompanied by pressure: the fear of failing, the fear of not obtaining the expected result, of consequently spoiling a convivial moment … And if we gave back to cooking its primary meaning, namely mixing foods according to our intuition, tasting, experimenting, simply creating? Cooking should be freed from judgment and fear of the gaze of others, to once again become the sensory quest and the creative expression it is meant to be above all. It is a moment for yourself, a moment of reconnection with your body and a moment when all creativity is allowed, giving way to sometimes the most unexpected innovations. Other times to hiccups of course, but from which we will recover easily as long as we have taken pleasure in the process.
Accordingly, scientists have proven that the child is more ready to accept to taste a product that he himself picked, or cooked rather than a ready-to-eat dish. That is mainly due to personal involvement. Therefore, this study shows that cooking has a direct influence on our pleasure and our temerity.

Cooking and Ramadan:

It goes without saying that Muslims tend to cook more in Ramadan. That is mainly due to the fact that Muslims are usually fasting for the whole day. Hence they have a concise time to eat before they start fasting for the next day. Consequently, women tend to spend more time in the kitchen in Ramadan. So dear Muslim women readers, we know that you will spend many efforts in the kitchen to show your skill in diversifying foods, during this holy month. Thus, you should not blame yourself for this, because it is common sense. You feel that it is one of your duties as a woman, to take care of your family.
However, beware not to make this your primary concern, during this holy month. Slightly raise your motivation, and make your intention loftier and loftier. Furthermore, you should know that whoever breaks the fast of a fasting person has his reward without diminishing the reward of the fasting person. So set this as your intention, and intend the time you spend in the kitchen for God.
However, in cooking while fasting, you should know dear readers that it is not permissible to eat or taste the food you are making. Moreover, it is considered one of the fasting objections.

During this holy month, and in order to balance between worship and cooking, what we suggest you do dear reader is: you can sit in your chapel until sunrise, reciting the Qur’an, praising God and meditating on Him. then pray at least two rak’ahs, as the prophet, peace be upon him, said: “Whoever prays the morning in a congregation and then sits remembers God until the sun rises, then prays two rak’ahs, he has the reward of someone who did pilgrims”

Halal food: The legitimacy of cooking in Ramadan:

Nevertheless, after reading the paragraph above, I am sure you are wondering but what is the definition of permissible. It means everything that is enshrined in law or recognized as being in conformity with the law. It can also mean one who has the qualities required by law, the law: Legitimate authority. Which is enshrined in law: Legitimate marriage. Said of people united by marriage and their children: Legitimate children. Which is founded in reason, injustice, inequity? However, in Islam legitimacy is usually founded on the Quran and Sunnah.

Then you can start cooking early in the morning, it is better than cooking at noontime and above. That is mainly due to the fact there are many women who start from noon. Hence, they fail to pray dhuhr and asr on their supposed time, or they combine them. Or she prays while her mind is busy with the cooking. Hence she ends up performing a prayer without reverence. Conversely, if you start preparing early in the morning, you will have plenty of time to finish the cooking and perform the prayers at their right ways.

Islam and halal food

Dear readers if you have read the articles about Halal food, and in case you haven’t you can still go check them on the website. You will notice that Islam has a diversity of Halal food. Such as Kosher food, shawarma, kabsah and many other tasty delicious meals. Furthermore, to our readers living in Foreign European countries, don’t think just because you are not home, you can’t have halal tasty meals. There are plenty of halal restaurants serving halal meals near you, wherever you are. Either in Britain, France, Germany, the US or Canada. Halal food restaurant chain industry is growing day after day.

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