Halal Food | Foods that are allowed for Muslims to eat

Halal Food

In Islam, the word ‘halal’ means permissible and proper. Foods that are permissible for Muslims to eat or drink under Islamic law (Shariah) are ‘Halal Foods’. 

This law specifies what kind of foods are permissible and their preparation. Like every other human, Muslims eat to continue an energetic and healthy physique to be able to share their effort and knowledge for the welfare of society. To obtain the best quality nutritionally, Muslims should make an effort. According to a hadith, the prayer of a Muslim is rejected by Allah if the food consumed is haram (prohibited). Haram means unlawful or forbidden, which is the opposite of halal.

Difference between Halal and Haram food

Foods that contain ingredients such as enzymes, gelatin, emulsifiers, and flavors are doubtful, as we don’t know the origins of these ingredients. In general, most foods usually come under the category of halal for Muslims. Though under the Islamic law (Shariah) foods or drinks that are not permissible are, alcohol, other intoxicants, blood, the meat of carnivorous animals, pork, birds such as vultures, snakes, amphibians, animals that live both on land and water like frogs. 

In the industry of poultry and food, animals such as cows, lamb, sheep, veal, goats, chickens, ducks, turkeys, bison, venison, game birds are halal,  only if their preparation is according to Islamic laws.

Alcohol should not be used while preparing fish and seafood. As Islam puts a priority on life over death, in cases of necessity, prohibited things may become halal (permissible) for the duration of the need or emergency. Refer to the Quran in chapter 2:173 (Al Baqarah).

Difference between halal and kosher food

‘Kashrut’ is known as the foundation which provides the laws for a kosher dietary structure for Jews. These laws decide which foods should be eaten and how they should be prepared, formed, and handled.

Both methods of slaughters have similarities in both needs to use a surgically sharp knife and specially-qualified slaughtermen. While halal foods need Allah’s name to be mentioned before every slaughter after an introductory blessing, kashrut doesn’t follow that. Eating specific parts of the carcass is forbidden, including particular fats, and the sciatic nerve, while halal foods also forbid the consumption of some certain carcass parts including the bladder and testicles.

Is Halal food healthy for everyone?

I am sure most of you have noticed your Muslim friends or peers are seeking to find a spot where halal food is gettable. The concept behind halal food is that in the name of Allah, the animal is slaughtered and sacrificed through a cut in the jugular vein. Some people believe that halal food is healthier and it helps to make the mind and body strong and active.

When it comes to impurity and food poisoning, halal food has less incidence rate. Islam has set a specific hygienic rule when it comes to preparing halal food. So, it is safer to eat. 

Draining of blood from the animal happens by cutting the jugular vein, which takes away all sorts of unhealthy substances from the meat. As, blood contains a high level of uric acid,  it can be quite harmful if the human body absorbs it. According to research, when animals are butchered by other methods, their meat contains bacteria, e-coli poisoning, and other damaging materials.

Benefits of Halal Food

Sacrificing animals in a halal way can keep the organs of the animal safe. To kill the animal by using other ways can damage their organs, as they would have contaminated blood, which is the opposite of healthy. 

However, the reference for the nutritional content of food also knows as- The U.S Department of Agriculture doesn’t seem to think that, from a nutritional perspective there is any actual difference between the halal meat and other meats.

To oversee and balance poultry and red meat in U.K Halal Food Authority was launched in 1994. A unique system by the HFA identifies halal meat from non-halal. The process happens soon after the slaughter at the slaughterhouse by naming or checking for accuracy of halal on the remains.

The HFA also is known as Halal Food Authority advocates animal welfare, devotion to maintaining food safety, food hygiene and quality in compliance with UK Laws and within the guidelines of the Islamic jurisprudence and faith.

By developing the halal market, HFA is continuing to grow. Through many events and presentations across the world, HFA also raises awareness of the advantages of halal in everywhere. 

Why restaurants and retailers are selling halal foods?

For the UK’s Muslim population, restaurants and retailers making their goods useful, by assuring food meets halal criteria. Slaughterhouses must be fully manageable under the guidelines of HFA or Halal Food Authority. According to HFA, many slaughterhouses will have selected to change to halal systems, so that they won’t lose Muslim customers. The recent statistics tell us, there are 2.7 million Muslims in the UK, with a contributing power expected in the region of £20 bn.

Halal foods are wide-spreading in the UK?

According to HFA in the UK meat market, 15% of all slaughter meat is halal. After running a front-page, The Sun newspaper drew a discussion by reporting that according to customers, Pizza Express serves halal chicken. Morrisons, Tesco, Marks and Spencer and also few other supermarkets are selling halal lamb in the UK. 

Labeling is a matter of choice

Many politicians and campaigners are asking for the establishment of clearer labeling of halal foods so that the consumers can be made aware of all the details. 

Worldwide halal food progressions

The halal food market around the world is large and expanding at an accelerated number. Hexa Research says, last year the halal food market already made a value of $1.4 trillion and is set to achieve $2.55 trillion by 2024. Around the world, halal food is not only famous among Muslim and Islamic communities, but also with a lot of non-Muslim groups, who are progressively obtaining and absorbing halal products. Now and then new food trends are being continuously made and evolving which shows how large the halal food market is growing.

People turning to halal

The largest dynamic strength around the world behind the halal food scenarios and specifically in the US, are Muslim millennials. This recent demographic is of consumers, conscious about health. This generation wants to have thorough information about what they are having, treatment of the animal before its slaughter, and where it comes from. In a halal way, at the time of slaughter the animal should not have health issues. killed by hand, all the blood should be drained from the body. 

These days, the health advantages of having halal-certified food are very tempting to a lot of non-Muslims, as it is a clever choice to make- because the animal was healthy and free of all sorts of chemicals, pesticides. 

Some recent halal food trends

Halal food blogs

These blogs are achieving more and more popularity these days. This is the era of “foodie” people. Per day an estimate of thousands of viewers are active on “My Halal Kitchen”, and “My Big Fat Halal Blog Mali”. 

Local or overseas, wherever we want to find any halal creations, it’s just one google search away. We can find information, that is from review forums such as Yelp, TripAdvisor, etc. but when we want to experience the best halal food, that the country is offering, it’s always better to hear from the locals and that’s how these halal food blogs are becoming very trendy. 

Dry bars

When people want an alcoholic beverage, they tend to visit bars. Dry bars are the new trend that’s been striking the US. They are alcohol-free bars. This is a halal and healthier favorable option but also a comprehensive one. A pop-up bar named ‘Listen Bar’ opened in Williamsburg in Brooklyn, New York which was completely alcohol-free.

Japanese food

As Japan is close to a bunch of Muslim countries like Malaysia, and Indonesia, so many Japanese restaurants in Japan and the US And UK are including halal foods on their menu because of the higher growth rate of Muslims.

Halal food in the US

These days halal food restaurants are growing all over the world than ever, as a result, some food trends have started. Also, halal food is heating so many restaurants, supermarkets, and fast-food chains.

Let’s have a look at the list of best halal food places in the US.

Best halal food in NYC

The Halal Guys 

They have gone international. In 1990 it started with a hot dog cart on West 53rd and 6th Avenue in New York City. Due to the high demand for halal meals from Muslim cab drivers, the cart quickly turned into a halal food truck. After 25 years later, including their newly opened restaurant in London, The Halal Guys have opened up restaurants all over the globe. By now they have authorized their business in more than 200 places internationally. 

ABA Turkish Restaurant

This restaurant will give you an instant feel as you have just walked into the city of Istanbul. This halal food place provides delicious food and great services. 

Mamoun’s Falafel

This halal food restaurant won The Certificate of Excellence 2015-2019. This place is excellent reviews by customers as they deliver the best service for customers, and also, they have a delicious food menu. 

Halal food in Las Vegas

If you are traveling to Las Vegas and looking for places to provide you with halal food, then you are in luck.

There are plenty of halal food restaurants in Las Vegas. Such as The Halal Guys Las Vegas, Maza, Kabob Korner, Khoury’s Mediterranean Restaurant, etc.

Halal food in Los Angeles

LA is a Southern California city and the center of attention for the nation’s film and television industry. More than 4 million live here and 500,000 people among them are Muslims.

As a result of huge demands, a lot of halal food places can be found here these days. Such as- Carousel Restaurant, Joe’s Falafel, Sunni Lebanese Café, Mama’s Secret, etc.

Halal food in Orlando 

Orlando is the 73rd largest city in the US, the fourth largest city in Florida. The city has a population of 280,257. There are plenty of restaurants provide permissible foods here. Some of them are- permissible Food Express, Cafe 34 Istanbul, Flame Kabob, O’Town Burgers N Wings, etc.

Halal food near me

I have to admit, being a Bangladeshi Muslim and living in a Muslim majority country has its perks when it comes to food. As there is an extensive number of Muslims living in this country, so this is very basic for people to prefer eating permissible foods. As a result, almost every restaurant, fast food, and food carts in every corner deliver halal foods. 

However, it’s very common that many foreigners and tourists tend to visit this country every year for traveling and business purposes, that’s why a lot of permissible food restaurants and halal fast foods always have extra food menus for those who are not Muslims and looking for non-permissible food. 

As a Muslim majority country, it has a huge capability to siege a significant portion of halal goods of the international market which is growing expeditiously.

Halal food delivery near me

Almost every restaurant and fast foods in this country do home delivery. Muslim people are the leading section of this country, so home delivery and takeaways are very routine offers by halal food restaurants and fast foods.

If anyone who wants to visit this country and needs recommendations for the best permissible food places near me, I would like to recommend a few.

Some of my favorite permissible fast food restaurants near my location are- Olea, Bar B Q Tonight, Nando’s, Takeout, Burger king, BFC, American Burger and so many more.

Best permissible food places/restaurants near my location are- Star Kabab & Restaurant, Hazir Biriyani, Fakruddin, Seasonal Tastes, Santoor, Bunka, etc. 

Islam is a way of life with customs, regulations and social behaviors guiding every feature of life.

Food laws bear a specific understanding, as food is a vital part of our life. For Muslims, eating an element of worship of Allah, like fasting, prayer and other religious activities. This is why those who are practicing Muslims cannot have foods that are not halal.

Cover image source: Unsplash

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