Important Spiritual Benefits of Fasting by Islam

Spiritual Benefits of Fasting by

It is only now that modern science and medicine has figured out the great benefits of fasting, despite the fact Muslims and the Quran have insisted on the health and spiritual benefits of fasting for the past 1400 years. Being a Muslim brother or sister, if you want to have keen knowledge about Islamic rules and regulations regarding various subjects visit our website “MiskShops”. You will find some informative and educative topics for you to learn about.

What are those benefits?

Strengthens the soul

The soul gets purified and refined through fasting. Those who want to develop their spiritual abilities should observe the fast. In other words, those who do not fast become captives of their bodies.

Weakens our Nafs

As good deeds build up one’s spirituality and bring them closer to Allah (SWT), it is understandable that fasting particularly weakens the ability to make a sin.

Helps us to remember Allah

One of the spiritual benefits of fasting and prayer is, it helps in getting close to and consciousness of Allah the Almighty. While observing fasts Muslims experience great satisfaction by determining their deep love for Allah the Almighty.

Relieves our worldly desires

Fasting allows us to be more aware of ourselves and our actions, which in turn makes us more conscious of the unnecessary pursuit of material and inconsequential gains.


Muslims get the courage by fasting to deny the carnal self and control of Satan over the body, they free themselves of the pressures of their vulgar self and body and begin to lead a life of respect and dignity.

Teaches us to be trustworthy

It teaches us to be trustworthy by fasting and to protect everything that is appointed to us. Those who obey the rule of Allah and fast, they know it very well that they can’t hide anything from Allah the Almighty.

The worth of blessings

Allah, the Almighty, granted us countless favors but often we tend to forget them. Fasting helps us to become aware of the blessings of Allah and to feel grateful for them.

Teaches us to economize

During Ramadan fasting plays the role of a teacher who guides us on how to economize. People who are hooked to buy whatever they want without thinking much learn to be economical and careful.

Praises the soul

Fasting is an act of worship. Our prophet mentioned, ’There are benefits for everything. Doing the fast is the aid for the body and observing the fast is half of the endurance.’


Muslims undergo a period of training while observing the fast, as they do not eat when they feel hunger, do not drink, so it trains believers to master patience.

When not to fast

As diet or lifestyle change through fasting can bring risks as it is not suited to everyone. So, in Islam, it can also be temporarily excused for those with medical health conditions.


Fasting and praying are the main ways of showing worship to Allah the Almighty. As there are immense, visible physical benefits of fasting, the spiritual side of the activity often goes unnoticed. Let fasting be a doorway for great awareness of the soul and its role in developing our connection with our creator.

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