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Islamic prayer

Knowing Salah or Islamic Prayer is very important for Muslims, a sad truth is, many of them do not feel like fulfilling the conditions of the prayer. 

The soul reason behind praying is to put us Muslims in direct contact with Allah the Almighty; so that we can make our bond stronger with Him, and to show our gratitude for every blessing He has given us even though we do not fulfill our duties properly. By praying Salah, we remind ourselves that Allah is the greatest. Prayer is like foods to our soul or spirit, just as food and water is the need of our human body. This requirement of our soul is fulfilled by acts of worshiping Allah, and among others the most important one is Salah. 

The Importance of Salah

Pillar of Islam

Islamic Prayer is the pillar of Islam, also the most important regular compulsory action for a practicing Muslim. For believers like us, we have to fast just for a month in a year. For those people who have the ability financially to give Zakat, only once in a year they are under obligation to do that, and Hajj is obligatory only once a lifetime (again for those who are financially capable). But Salah is the one duty that must be fulfilled at least five times a day by us, no matter what the circumstances are. Even in battle, Allah told us to pray when the time comes. He says,

‘Guard strictly your prayers. If you fear (an enemy), pray on foot, or riding.’ – Quran 2:238-9

Directly in Contact with Allah

If we strictly follow the Islamic Prayer Time every day and pray five times a day as we are told, then we will be able to connect with our creator. The Arabic word for prayer has come from the Arabic word meaning ‘connection.’ Our beloved Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) mentioned, ‘When anyone of you stands to pray, he is communicating with his Lord, so let him concentrate on how he speaks to Him.’ We should never under any circumstances cut this way of connection between us and our creator

Islamic Prayer Times


This prayer time starts off the day with the remembrance of Allah the Almighty and it has to perform before the sunrise.


After starting the busy day of our life, we have to take one short break in the afternoon again to remember Allah and seek His guidance, and forgiveness.


Muslims take a few minutes in the late afternoon to remember Allah and the greater purpose of their lives. 


When the sun goes down, Muslims remember God again as the day begins to come to a close.


Before retiring for the night, Muslims again take the time to remember Allah’s presence, guidance, mercy, and forgiveness.

Before technology happened, people had to look at the sun to decide the actual Islamic prayer time of every day. In recent days, we get to have printed daily prayer schedules precisely pinpoint the starting of each Salah time. Also, there are so many apps for us to get the actual time of prayer. 

Things to Know About Islamic Prayer


Islam has certain rules which we shouldn’t break, but sometimes under certain situations, we have permission to perform our duties with flexibility. It is a practical religion that takes into account rare circumstances into consideration. For example, if one of us is on a trip, or we have to attend any exam, or if we become ill then we have permission to shorten or combine our prayers. Allah doesn’t intend to make the rules hard for the people who worship Him. But yes, unavoidable circumstances may arise. And for those situations shortening the conventional requirement for salat even amalgamating two prayers has also been permitted. Allah made the rules especially by considering our situation to give us comfort and even allows an exception for different issues (Quran 2:185). 

A reminder of the almighty:

We should be always thankful to the one who created us, this universe, our surroundings, for each piece of happiness we get in our daily lives. Salah is the topmost priority for us by which we should express our gratitude for these wonderful blessings we get each day.

Quran comes into prayers:

To show the gratitude by prayers we say the holy lines written in the Quran in our prayers. Understanding the lines of Quran and the feeling one gets when he or she recites these lines for Allah on an Islamic Prayer Mat surely gets recognized by the almighty and will be rewarded for the attended prayers. Muslims also use Islamic Prayer Beads while they do zikr.

First and foremost, One rule for all the Muslims:

All five of the Pillars of Islam are compulsory for every Muslim to perform. If someone is not financially sound enough then he or she is not under pressure to the duties of Hajj and Zakat. But, Salat is the only thing that is to be done by all the Muslims in every income and age tier. 

Prayer is the most powerful self-reflecting tool:

In the events of our daily lives, we come across so many things, where committing something wrong is just a breath away. But, prayers, the lines of Quran we recite in it, the meaning of these lines always make us analyze the real and bigger impact of our taken actions, how these can affect someone. Surely Allah doesn’t want us to be a part of something where we’ll produce something ill for another.


A Muslim is to pray as if Allah is in front of him, and if he is not capable of doing that then he should believe that Allah is watching him. Because Allah does. In this article, we talked about what Islamic Prayer is, and how it impacts our life spiritually daily. It is permissible for Muslims to pray in any language, but the Salah or Islamic Prayer has to be entirely in Arabic. Just like the Holy Quran has been translated in most of the world’s languages, but it is preserved in the actual format which is Arabic. 

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