Legal Requirements for Miskshops

If you are already familiar with our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy and now that you got the idea of how you would like to expand your business through Miskshops, it is time for you to learn about some basic Legal Requirements we have. This section will give an overview of the regulations you should be aware of when selling in Miskshops various marketplaces and if you are interested to enlist a third-party resource.

Miskshops value every customer’s belief and faith, representatives, associates, and service providers place in us after trusting us by giving their personal information. For us, privacy and legal needs are more than an issue of compliance and we believe that privacy is the most important part and aim to control personal information in agreement with the core value of respect we feel for the individual.

We want you to read our Legal Requirements and consult your legal advisors before making decisions about how you will sell on our website or make a partnership with us.

Compulsory Elements for Mishkshops

If you are interested to be a part of our Miskshops family and make a contract or partnership with us it is compulsory for you to obey European legislation on eCommerce regulations. Know that, we will definitely notify our users of a series of necessary facts.

Pre-contractual information

  1. We will give you the instruction about how our contractual procedures will work regarding products and/or services will be implemented, and you have to accept our Terms of Use in that aspect.
  2. In case if you wish to exercise your rights to modify, correct, or eliminate any information from our website about you then at first, you need to be familiar with the technical rules and regulations available on our website for you.
  3. Our Miskshops website is pretty clear about our Terms of Use, and if you haven’t checked it out yet please do take look. We have provided clear information about how we will collect and restore electronic documents containing provided information by you, our other clients, and how all the details about products and/or services are stored perfectly.

Post-contractual information

Miskshops will confirm all purchases by notifying you within 24 hours. And these notifications will be delivered electronically.

Withdrawal period

We strictly follow the directive of consumer’s rights. If consumers are not satisfied with the product, they will have 14 calendar days to exercise their right to withdraw any contract they made with us. Our website will inform you of this right.


Miskshops website does have a cookie policy, which will inform our user that cookies are being used when they are accessing our website.

Protection of Data

While gathering user’s information via registration, contact forms, or purchase when you visit our website, you will get a notification from us.

Our users will also get notified,

  1. While registering their personal data, and where they are being registered.
  2. Which management tools our users can use for future access, modifications or cancellations.

We have designed a higher level of User security to offer our users and for those who will browse our website. We strictly follow and respect all the policies mentioned on our website and we also expect the same from our users and partners.

Things our users have to do

You have to respond yes if you see the following queries, like-

  1. A visible link to the data protection policy
  2. You might find a small box that you must tick to confirm that you have read the data protection policy before you decide to send your information to us.
  3. Again, you might find a small box that as a user you have to tick to confirm a purchase before providing your necessary personal information.

If a user accesses Miskshops website

  1. You will receive a message for example- a small pop-up to inform you of the use of cookies on our website.
  2. You will see a link available with information on the use of cookies.
  3. Users will always have at least one way to contact us to find out more about the contractual legal facts of products and services on our website through our phone number or our provided email address attached below.

If a user makes a purchase on Miskshops website

  1. After deciding to purchase a product, you will have all relevant contractual information on delivery periods, payment methods and cancellation options before the process of purchasing starts.
  2. Our users will always receive a notification of their purchase electronically or through a phone call within 24 hours.

We highly recommend you to go through all of our Privacy Policies, Terms of Use, and Legal Requirements before you decide to purchase any product or want to make any deal with us regarding a partnership.