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Marrakesh City

So many people may recognize Marrakesh as one of the best destinations for travelers and tourists out there. It is probably the first city that comes to one’s mind when they mention Morocco. In fact, Marrakesh is the 4th largest city in the Kingdom of Morocco. It has more than 800.000 inhabitants, and they also call it the red city, because most of the houses are painted in red. Moroccans consider it to be the touristic capital of Morocco, and that is the case thanks to the big number of tourists who visit it every year. Moreover, it is the capital of the mid-southwestern region of Marrakesh-Safi. Marrakesh’s location is also interesting as it lies near the foothills of the Atlas Mountains, not only that; but also, few hours drive away from the desert (Moroccan Sahara).

So the name Marrakesh has a cultural and historical meaning. In fact, the name originates from the Amazigh words “amur (n) akuch”. This Berber name means the Land of God. What makes the city so charming is that it can please both people who admire traditions and historical places, and people who like modernity more. For instance, the city divides between two parts; the Old Medina and the modern district that is called Gueliz. The Medina or Old Medina is all about the traditional houses, stores, handmade products and the historical monuments of the city. On the other hand, Gueliz which is the modern other side of the city is all about the big brands stores, the supermarkets, the high buildings, pretty much the New York of Morocco.

History of Marrakesh

Marrakesh has so many historical monuments that stand and witness for its deep great history. Keep in mind that from Neolithic times, the Amazigh people lived there. Until Abu Bakr Ibn Umar who is the sovereign and the cousin of Yusuf Ibn Tashfin, founded the city in 1062. It was the imperial capital of the Almoravid. After this latter, came the Almohads. Under their leadership, they built many mosques including the famous Koutoubia in the 12th century. They constructed them in red sandstone which gave the city the nickname of the Red City. Consequently, the city grew rapidly and took a cultural, religious and economical weight. As it was the trading center for the Maghreb and sub-Saharan Africa. Until about two decades ago at least, the Arabs, Persians and Europeans called Morocco the Kingdom of Marrakesh.

Eventually, in 1917, The Sultan of Aalouits; Moulay Ismail, conquered the city. In 1956 it was taken over by King Mohammed V, but after his death, Rabat has become the capital. And at last, Marrakesh is now the capital of the region Marrakesh-Safi.

The magical diverse weather of Marrakesh

Marrakesh climate is very seasonal. It varies depending on each season. On the summer, the heat can get really real, as the temperature is usually above 95°F in the daytime, in the night it cools to 68°F. Winter days on the other hand are pretty cold, as the average high temperature is 64°F, and the average low is 42°F. So if you are coming to Marrakesh consider the season and bring the appropriate clothes for it.  The snow doesn’t fall in the city, but in the regions it does such as in Oukaimeden, that is 78.1 km away from Marrakesh. So many tourists who come to Marrakesh, give a visit to Oukaimeden, and also enjoy skiing in the Oukaimeden Ski Resort.

Where do we advise you to go in Marrakesh?


  • Go to the palmeraie:

It is the green lungs of Marrakesh. A whole 13 000 ha of palm trees. Just the perfect place to make your nomadic journey of few hours with a camel ride. And if you are a speed admirer, you can make it by a quad. In this course of 20 km, you will definitely enjoy the view of the long palm trees all around you, this will give you a wonderfully warm feeling. Along the way, there will be some beautiful villas and fancy hotels that add their touch to the whole view.

  • Go to see Jemaa El-Fnaa:

This magical square is a must see place, it is in fact the beating heart of Marrakesh. From dancers, musicians, story tellers and acrobats, all kinds of street spectacles that will send you to another dimension. You will also come across women that will offer to give you a Henna tattoo. You will be amazed by the trained monkeys and pigeons, charmed by the slow dance of snakes. But you have to prepare yourself to give few Dirhams so you could watch closely. Nevertheless, you can always decline the offers that these people would suggest you.

  • Go to visit Koutoubia Mosque:

Just next Jeemah El-Fnaa, you can easily get to Koutoubia Mosque, which represents a very important historical monument. Even when non-Muslims aren’t allowed inside, you can always enjoy the outlook of it and take your memorial pictures.

  • Do your shop run in the Souks:

From spices, to djellabas, to tagines and so many other traditional products. The architecture and the map of the Souk will blow you away. As the high but tight corridors, where one store is next to other offering all kinds of merchandise. You can purchase lamps, clothes, plants, Moroccan snacks and so on.


Marrakesh is always the perfect choice when deciding your vacation destination. And that is the case for so many reasons. First of all, the strategic location, it lies right on the foothills of the Atlas Mountains and only few hours away from The Sahara. The weather is very suitable in any time of the year, since the climate is seasonal, you can easily guess what clothes to pack with you. In addition to this, you should know that the city has a very heavy history. As it was the center of all kinds of tradings between Morocco and the countries of the Maghreb and sub Saharian Africans. Furthermore, the city combines between the modern lifestyle, and the traditional one. Plenty of places to visit, you just need to make the choice of each day.

From the Medina to Gueliz there are several of places to visit, such as Jemaa El-Fna, the Souk, Majorelle Gardens and Koutoubia Mosque.If you are thinking of a trip, and you haven’t visited Marrakesh yet, we hope we’ve helped you to choose Marrakesh as your next destination.

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