Moroccan Dress | Taditional clothing – Kaftan & Djellaba

Moroccan dress

Moroccan Dress

What makes foreigners from all around the world be into Moroccan dress? The style is just fascinating, but what’s the secret behind that? You can read this article about «Moroccan Dress» and all you need to know about it in Miskshops on www.miskshops.com

What is Moroccan dress?

Moroccan dress is just a whole world that stands on its own. It is famous for being rich and diverse. Morocco is a multi-cultured country, therefore, the dresses vary and differ from each other’s as you move from north to south-east to west. They do have some in common and few similarities, but the styles and the touches of each area really do change. On the other hand, while a lot of Moroccans, especially the younger generations, put on modern western clothes, yet in special events and occasions, in traditional ceremonies, they all return to their Moroccan dress that marks their identity as Moroccans.

Moroccan dress throughout history

As all of us may know, clothing is one of the main characteristics of any culture. For instance, it just went beyond just covering our bodies, and protecting them from cold and hot days for example. By the time, clothes have become an obvious part of representing any culture. Show the dress, I’ll guess the culture!

Morocco is an old country that we could go back in time for thousands of years. Many people, from different roots, came to settle down in Morocco, Berbers, Arabs, Romans and so on. This diversity explains the multi-cultured side of Morocco. Anyway, the clothing style of this magical country consists of long robes with long sleeves, hoods and slippers. Since the ancient times of Moroccan history, people have worn these beautiful dresses.

What is Kaftan?


Well well! This dress called Kaftan is an exciting part to talk about. Before giving you a detailed image about it, you have to know that this magnificent dress is known world-wide, In fact, fashion experts rank it from one of the most beautiful and fashionable dresses of all cultures. Now, what is Kaftan? It is a long and flowing type of robe-like dress, of haute couture. Its design is beautifully complex, It is mainly loose, but gets tight right above the hips by a sparkly belt. The sleeves are often long and get looser by the end of them. The materials that they use are generally precious and diverse, which makes the dress more valuable to Moroccans and to all people in fact.

Women have worn the Kaftan exclusively and was also once associated with royalty and nobility. It is usually very colourful and flowing, which enhances the beauty of Moroccan women and embraces their culture.

Kaftan history

The Kaftan today holds a huge cultural status, as it represents a big significance face to Moroccan culture. In fact, the first mention if not appearance of Kaftan has taken place in Morocco back in the 16th century. Even though in the Middle East and Persia they have worn it before this time, nevertheless, today, it has made it to be a big part of Moroccan dress. Moroccan Kaftans represent also, the diversity of the cultural identities, and cultural heritages influences. Therefore you have to know, that it was during the reign of the Abbassides that the dress made its way to Andalusia in the 19th century, the western Islamic region that was eventually ruled by Moroccans.

And ever since, the Moroccan dress has marked its cultural and traditional position in Morocco.

Know more about traditional Moroccan dress

Traditional Moroccan clothes are full of rich traditions and cultural segments. They are not only attractive and special but also, tied to religious beliefs, mainly to Islam. Learn more about the different items and styles of Moroccan traditional clothes.

  • Djellaba

The Djellaba is one of the most commonly worn items of clothing by Moroccans. It is worn by both men and women, it is suitable for almost every time and place, it is very respectful and chick. It is a robe-like dress with long sleeves and a pointy hood.


The GANDOURA is pretty similar to djellaba yet it has its own characteristics. It has shorter sleeves and does not have a hood and is a bit shorter. But, it is also loose and flowy; moreover, it is also wearable by both of the sexes. It comes with different colours and customized touch, depending on the designer and their own artwork. Moroccans wear them often in summertimes; thanks to its short sleeves and light material, It prevents you from sweating and feeling extremely hot.
  • Takchita

Takchita: Another fascinating Moroccan dress, which is highly wanted and worn by all Moroccan women. These women dedicate Takchita to Moroccan celebration and traditional ceremonies; such as weddings, religious Aids and national ones. It is the most formal and beautiful dress for such special events. The Takchita is a two-piece item, consists of a Kaftan that goes under the overdress. This latter is generally more patterned and detailed, it is colourful and sparkly, it shows and enhances the beauty of the dress. Moroccan ladies be looking so amazing in Takchitas.

Where to buy traditional Moroccan dress

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If you have a different preference for shopping, and you like to shop in the real worlds, you can still purchase the Moroccan dress and items in stores. You can get them and live the magical real moment in country souks and more markets. For example, the welcoming colourful souks of Marrakech and Fes are very known for their diversity of goods, including traditional clothing stores. High quality, plenty of colours, and multiple designs seeking your attention, so you fall in love with your perfect desired article.

Furthermore, you can also find authentic good quality dresses in other countries, rather than Morocco, in biggest markets for examples, you can find stores owned by Moroccan residents or just by native admirers of the lovely Moroccan dress.
You can always get to try on and live the magical experience with its Moroccan touch, which we highly recommend for you!


Moroccan dress is globally known, fashion icons and experts, and even celebrities recognize it and prefer to design it and get creative at it, in order, for celebrities, models and icon fashions to wear it and look stunning. Its multiple elements mark their identity and belonging to the Moroccan culture generally, and to Morocco specifically. Kaftan takes the head out of the rest of the other dresses, its the status of the Moroccan presence among other cultures. Moroccan dress is very appealing just to look at and highly desirable to wear, in order to feel pretty and royal why not, and also to get to live the experience of Morocco’s magic. You know well where to purchase it if we got enough of your attention.

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