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Mosques near me

Mosque near me

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To Muslims, a mosque is a place of worship and every act of worship that follows the Islamic prayer rules can be said to establish a mosque whether it takes place in a particular building or not. Moreover, Informal and open-air places of worship are called Musalla, while on Fridays mosques are known as jāmi. Furthermore, You may ask, what are the benefits of having mosques near me? In this piece by, we have covered some famous mosques that may reside in your city! Read to find out.

First Mosque in the history of Islam

El quba Masjid

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The Quba Mosque in Saudi Arabia is the world’s oldest mosque dating back to the lifetime of Prophet Muhammad(PBUH), given that the Great Mosques of Mecca and Jerusalem, which are considered to be even older, are associated with earlier Islamic Prophets.

With the spread of Islam, mosques multiplied across the Islamic world.

Mosques near Me – London

The London Central Mosque

London central mosque

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Located in Regent’s Park, and thus also known as Regent’s Park Mosque, it is the spiritual place for Muslims spread throughout the UK. The mosque’s main hall will accommodate over 5000 worshippers with ladies bidding on a gallery above the hall. The mosque is furnished with a large carpet and a chandelier, in addition to this, there is also a bookshop and bistro at this mosque.

Suleymaniye Mosque

suleymaniye mosque

figure 4

Located in Dastan, the northern part of London, this is a large mosque of the Turkish Muslim community. The Suleymaniye mosque in London houses a beautiful high Ottoman-style Minaret that can be seen from different areas of London. The interior decoration is very impressive, made of marble walls and carved with Ayats from the Holy Qur’an. The Mosque can easily accommodate about 3000 women worshippers.

Burdett Estate Mosque

BAITUN mosque

figure 5

This is a recently established mosque in April 2017 and is a fine example of a mosque being planned in a way that complements the surrounding region. Covered among the suburban community in the heart of East London, this mosque has been known as “one of the best-kept secrets in London” This mosque’s most impressive highlight is the glass minaret facing Makkah and situated at the corner

Birmingham Central Mosque

central masjid

figure 6

Birmingham Central Mosque in London is situated in Birmingham’s High gate District. One of the most popular religious institutions in Birmingham City because on the first floor, there is a huge central prayer hall that can easily hold as many as 3,000 worshippers and there are two female galleries on the third floor which can accommodate up to 1500 people. The mosque also has a souvenir shop, banquet halls, an expanded Islamic library, and classrooms for the school.

Mosques near me – Paris

The Grande Mosque de Paris

paris masjid near me

figure 7

The Grande Mosque de Paris is France’s largest mosque. It is in the capital’s fifth arrondissement. It is Europe’s second-largest and ranks as the most beautiful of all so, one of the main reasons people continue to visit this mosque is because it has a fascinating tradition of history.

The Omar Ibn Al Khattab Mosque


figure 8

Omar Ibn Al Khattab’s mosque is in a corner of Paris ‘ 11th arrondissement. Built-in the early 1980s, it is a local favorite in the French capital, although it may be smaller than the grand mosques that tower over the cities of Lyon and Strasbourg. There are times when the Paris Grand Mosque is quite busy, so this mosque has a more cozy look.

Mosques near me – Toronto

BAITUN Nur Mosque

Mosques near me

figure 9

A huge colossal mosque with a gigantic dome at its top-this is a popular religious site in Calgary and this is perhaps the largest mosque in Canada with a massive architecture.

Jami Mosque

Mosques near me

figure 10

Jami Mosque is located in Toronto and is one of Canada’s oldest mosques. Mosque was a strong and influential Islamic center in Toronto-spreading awareness about Islam’s teachings. This is the City of Toronto’s most famous mosque. 

Masjid Toronto

Masjid toronto

figure 11

Masjid Toronto is a member of the Canadian Muslim Association which is a prominent Islamic group in Canada so this is clearly one of Toronto’s most famous mosques and an iconic one. Located in the city center very convenient and easily accessible. The mosque is huge, with a prayer hall on three levels. It has a separate place for women pilgrims.

Masjid Al-Salaam


figure 12

It has a very serene inside with a big prayer hall and a refreshing place to meditate and contemplate.

Mosques near me – New York

New York Islamic Cultural Center

Muslim Center color

figure 13

It is a mosque and an Islamic cultural center located in East Harlem, Manhattan, New York City. This mosque’s architecture is incredible, certainly an allure in itself and the mosque is very clean and very spacious too and, the women section is very nice and spacious. 

It is located between East 96th and 97th Streets, at 1711 Third Avenue and  is among New York City’s first mosques.

The Central New York Islamic Society

New york mosques near me

figure 14

The Central New York Islamic Society is a “purpose-built” Sunni mosque and Islamic community center located on Comstock Avenue in Syracuse, NY. Founded in 1981, the center meets the needs of about 15,000 – 20,000 Muslims in Central New York offering numerous facilities and outreach programs for the Muslim and non-Muslim community.

Masjid Manhattan 

Mosques near me ney yorks

figure 15

Founded in 1970, Masjid Manhattan is a non-profit organization currently located at 30 Cliff Street. Masjid Manhattan has become one of New York City’s most celebrated and most visited Masajid(plural: mosques). Furthermore, for non-Muslims, it has become “The Castle of Da’wah” has brought many of them into Islam.

Mosques near me – Munich

Islamic Centre of Munich

Islamic Centre of Munich is the oldest center of Islamic studies. Located in Wallnerstraße 1, 80939 Munich, Germany. and It is the Headquarter of IGD. 

Mosque Al-Salam

Mosques near me Munich

figure 16

Mosque Al-Salam is well-known for its grand appearance and beautiful architecture. Moreover, it is located in Schoettlstr. 5 Munich 81369 Bavaria and is among the few famous mosques of Munich, Germany.

Mosque Al-Ahibbah

Mosques near me new york

figure 17

The Mosque Al-Ahibbah is located on Schanzenbachstraße in Sendling, Munich, Germany. Secondly, the mosque is an Islamic house of prayer mainly for Turkish Muslims.

Significance of having mosques near me

Mosques play an integral role in the Muslim community and there are a number of reasons why they are so significant in our religion for example, a mosque is usually a very symbolic location, a modest way to recreate a pure divine presence on earth. Certainly, the mosque’s primary purpose is to act as a place where Muslims may gather to pray. However, mosques also serve as a hub for other religious activities and are widely popular as prayer places, ramadan vigils, funeral services, Sufi rituals, marriage and business agreements, collection and distribution of alms, and homeless shelters.

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