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Muslim Aid

 If you want to learn about Muslim Aid or Muslim Aid UK, then know that in 1985 Muslim Aid was established in the UK. Several community leaders from 17 Islamic organizations have created it in response to the drought in the Horn of Africa. People who become victims of natural disasters or conflict. Those who are suffering from poverty, hunger, diseases, who are not capable of getting a proper education. Those who face discrimination daily, who are homeless, in debt, or facing unemployment. People who are victims of injustice, deprivation, or lack of skills are the one who gets help from Muslim Aid. 

To provide the support of sustainable living for poor people or communities and those who survived any natural calamities. Muslim Aid aims to develop long-term development projects by giving them emergency relief. They also add many niches and offer special attention to capacity building, economic empowerment, education and improving child and women’s health. 

Muslim Aid volunteer

Volunteer work is the only sort of help that always gets appreciation and always needed at Muslim Aid. This organization is popular for contributing the masses with an ample length of choices to support campaigns that focus on the well-being of Humans. At present, Muslim Aid is working on the Syria Relief campaign by putting so many efforts and collecting funds.

If you are familiar with what has been really going on in Syria, and what are the crises their people are going through, and if you are someone who wants to help or be a part of providing any kind of facilities to the Syrian refugees then you can join the team. All you need to do is to be present physically at Muslim Aid’s headquarters and you can become a volunteer easily by filling up a few simple official processes. You can participate in one of the events that are held for the promotion of the Syria Relief campaign. 

Why you should help the poor and needy?

Our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) mentioned that the best rewarding actions in Islam are to provide those in need, pleasing the heart of a Muslim, providing food to the hungry ones, and helping the ones who are distressed. Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) also said, ‘Allah will aid a servant of His, so long as the servant aids his brother.’

Today’s generation of young Muslims has a lot of spare time during summer and to find the best way to make the proper use of their time is to volunteer and help others, especially poor people, and those who require getting help. Also, every year people can have plenty of opportunities to get Muslim Aid jobs, or there is always an option for you to become a Muslim Aid volunteer. 

Ways to help

Social media

These days social media have become one of the effective ways and also the easiest way to help the poor and needy people. By using social media and social networking sites such as- Facebook or Twitter, anyone is capable of raising his or her voice regarding awareness and get a helping hand.

Social media is a medium which can help us by connecting to different charity organizations or community center like Muslim Aid. They sometimes buy products online for these victims and donate a part of their proceeds to the charity.

Moral support

A very effective way to show support and help to these poor and needy people is by offering them a hand instead of a handout. The moral support, heartfelt humility, and respect make these people aware that so many people care about them.

Financial help

Even one person alone can help the poor and needy people by offering financial supports to them, and this can help them solve the basic problems of living.


By joining the fundraising committee, for example, the committee Muslim Aid has, he or she can engage themselves in raising funds for the poor and needy ones. Some organize activities and thus they become active members of these organizations board or membership.

Donate groceries

Donating any kind of groceries can help the hunger of poor ones gradually. As these people cannot afford a single time meal for themselves or their family so this kind of donation makes a great impact on them. So many of us waste and throw food, whereas we can easily give it to a poor or homeless person.

Donate clothes

If you want to help the poor, there is another way for you to do that. You can donate your old stuff, clothes, a piece of your old furniture, and other materials. Especially in the winter season, these poor people suffer the most because of cold. If you can donate some old winter clothes of yours to them, I am sure it will be a great help to many of them even if you don’t get to know that for sure. Don’t forget even the smallest effort counts.


Teaching them and making these poor and needy people by providing education can help them stand on their feet. As education is the starting of a way to get out of hardships of life. 

Muslim Aid Qurbani

Muslim Aid makes sure that Qurbani takes place in the country band of your choosing. Then they distribute the Qurbani meat to the poor people.

Why Muslims sacrifice an animal during Qurbani?

In the holy Quran it is mentioned that in a vision, Prophet Ibrahim (as) saw that he had to sacrifice his son Isma’eel (as) to Allah the almighty. After sharing this dream with his son, Isma’eel (as) said, ‘O my father! Do as you are commanded: you will find me, if Allah so wills, of the patient ones.’ Though, after carrying out the command of Allah the Almighty, Prophet Ibrahim (as) saw that Isma’eel (as) was replaced with a sheep.  

By donating or sacrificing (Qurbani) is considered a highly rewardable act of worship as established by our beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him), we remember this incredible courage and to follow the devotion and example of one of the greatest men Prophet Ibrahim (as) of Islam. 

Who receives the Qurbani meat?

Muslim Aid chooses recipients of the Qurbani meat through a thorough assessment carried out by their staff on the ground. Usually, those who will receive Qurbani meat are- 

  • Orphans
  • Families with no living male guardian 
  • Rainbow family
  • The disabled ones
  • People who have low income
  • A sufferer of conflict and disaster

Many can ask for a guarantee of how their Qurbani and distribution of meat takes place? Muslim Aid has always proved that they are a suitable organization to choose for these sorts of charities and deeds. Since 1985 their well-settled aid chain and experience of performing Qurbani will make sure that your Qurbani will be fulfilled.  Their Qurbani project, along with all other projects have constant monitoring and auditing system, and yearly reports which show the allocation of funds.


The faith that inspires Muslim Aid, make them work with an all-embracing accession to all peoples regardless of their religion, faith, race, ethnicity, age, and ability. They fully understand the complexity and changing disposition of the work they engage with. They actively want to get partners to approach from all levels. To address the underlying structural and systematic causes of poverty within the communities they have been working with. 

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