Pine Oil | Amazing Uses and Benefits for Health, Skin and Hair

Pine oil

Pine oil

Pine oil is an essential that they extract from the pine tree needles. Also, from the stumps  and the cones of different pine species, Pinus Sylvestris in particular. Pine oil is very useful in traditional medicine. For instance, they use it, particularly in aromatherapy. They use it as a scent in baths or as a cleaning product. You mostly come across its scent in sanitizers or air fresheners. Moreover, it consists of a colorless liquid with a distinguished smell. It is also full of properties that are beneficial enough to use for medicinal purposes. In addition to that, they use odorants, waxing, and antifoaming. In a chemical sense, pine oil is composed of cyclic alcohols and other chemicals. It doesn’t’ insoluble in water but it does dissolve in alcohol, therefore they also use it in gums. Read more articles at www.miskshops.com

Pine essential oil has antimicrobial properties that have a great impact on the immune system. Therefore, it conquers harmful bacteria and keeps the beneficial ones. It gives the body the energy to help with fatigue and immunity disorders. It also has a good impact on the respiratory system, as it eases breathing and soothes the throats. Most importantly, it heals its facility process of curing infections.

Pine oil benefits for skin

Pine plant

Pine oil has definitely amazing benefits since they use it for medicinal purposes. It has great properties such; antiseptic and antimicrobial. These properties can heal many skin conditions. Moreover, other properties are combined to help you keep the balance at the level of perspiration. Let’s find out about some details of the powerful effects of pine oil!

Fights skin bacteria:

Pine oil has antimicrobial properties that the skin benefits from. It cures many skin infections and burns.

Reduces skin redness:

Pine essential oil has anti-inflammatory properties. These properties can reduce inflammation and decrease the symptoms of skin redness. It also fights the skin conditions that inflammation causes. Such as acne, eczema, and rosacea.

Treats skin injuries:

Pine oil has antiseptic properties. Therefore, you can use it to treat cuts or injuries that you may have one day by accident. Its antifungal properties also are responsible for fighting infections that may occur in the injuries. Apply pine oil directly to the injury will help clean it and heal it faster.

Protects your eyes:

Pine oil is also antioxidant, it can neutralize the free radicals. These latter are the cause of the degradation of the cells. So the oil can improve eye health by protecting it from external and internal bad causing factors. Such as harmful lightings and age-related failure.

Pine oil benefits for hair

Pine oil has amazing effects on your hair. Again, thanks to its properties, it is important for you to know about its benefits, so you would be at ease and satisfied applying it. In fact, treating your possible skin conditions is as important as treating your scalp, therefore, your hair. Our hair and scalp are sensitive, anyone can have some scalp conditions and hair damages. On one hand, pine oil has an antimicrobial property that allows the oil to get rid of bacteria, dead skin, and excess oil. On another hand, the oil protects from scalp inflammation and heals it. It also prevents itchiness and infection, making the hair smoother, stronger, and shinier. Moreover, it fights dandruff and keeps your scalp moisturized. As it nourishes it and maintains good health of the scalp and the hair from roots to ends.

In addition to what’s above, pine oil is actually an old traditional solution for many scalp conditions. The antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties deals with many issues, like dandruff as just mentioned, and even more complicated illnesses like psoriasis. It also deals with severe dry scalp. A shampoo that has pine in it would be great for your dry scalp.

Pine oil is great for your general health

Pine oil is good for your overall health. The benefits of the oil are not only great for your skin and hair, like any other oil. But is also very beneficial on many levels.

  • The oil Boosts metabolism as it increases to boost your body’s activities. In fact, it cleanses the body thanks to its cleansing and purifying properties that deal with intestinal issues. It gets rid of the extra water that your body won’t be needing. And that it through urination. What really happens, is that the oil banishes the uric acids, salt, and any excess that comes within the water. Your kidneys remain healthy!
  • Pine oil helps you with pain generally, joint aching in particular. In fact, the oil is an analgesic, therefore, it is helpful to people who have arthritis and rheumatic problems. And again it anti-inflammatory, so it decreases inflammation in the affected areas and eventually relieves pain.
  • It is great for any possible respiratory problems. You can use the oil to help you cure respiratory issues, you can rely on it alongside the medicine as a remedy. In fact, it is an expectorant, which means, it can ease phlegm and mucus from the whole respiratory system. Making you feel at ease breathing in and out without several coughs.

Pine oil different uses

Pine oil uses are plenty and different depending on how do you benefit from it. Starting with the direct application of the oil. You can use it directly on your hair or skin. For your skin, you can apply it before your bedtime directly on your skin, you can also mix it with your other favorite oil such as almond oil. Very few drops of it would be wide enough. As for your hair, it’s pretty much the same. Add a few drops to your hand and give your scalp a little gentle massage. You can even mix it with other oils to make a complete hair mask. Leave it on your scalp for several minutes up to an hour before washing your hair off.

Another great use of the oil is you can make a fast and beneficial air freshener for you to inhale. You can put it in a diffuser by adding a few drops of the oil with some water. If you don’t have a diffuser, you can still always benefit from it by inhaling it. Add a few drops of the oil directly on your hand, or preferably on a tissue. And inhale, just inhale!

Another way to use the oil which is pretty basic and simple. In your bathtub, add pine oil to the warm water, your body will soak up the oil, leaving you relaxed and forgetting about the stressful time you may be having. You can also apply it as a lotion for a massage to any area of your body, especially the area that is aching.


Pine oil or pine essential oil that is extracted from the pine tree needles is very common in traditional medicine. In aromatherapy and other fields, the oil shall be useful and very helpful. It has amazing properties, deals with many health complications, and smells just good. In fact, the oil has many properties that are antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and many more. Consequently, it deals with skin and hair conditions, and even more complicated health issues. For instance, it can help you relieve pain, stress, and fatigue since it can boost metabolism. It can also deal with respiratory problems. And let’s not forget about how it can deal with aching areas of your body. Moreover, it has a great scent, use it to freshen the air around you, and benefit from inhaling it.

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