Al Haramain Oudh Maal Attar Incense Bakhoor Agoorwood Traveller Set

by naseem.nauth

Al Haramain Oudh Maal is a flagship product of Al Haramain continue prominent since ages and it remains the same with stringent quality check to keep the ancient and sweet fragrance of Arabian culture live on earth. It offerings are immeasurable that clam you with a whiff to rejuvenates your mind and soul. This traveler set comes with complete pack including burner, charcoal and lighter for you to get-set and hit the road.

  • Oudh, rose
  • Florals,
  • Saffron, musk
  • Centuries have passed since the first fumes of fragrance wafted in the air, and for almost half a century al haramain has kept the fragrant flame burning
  • The oud ma’al attar is our best-selling bukhoor fragrance and is a heavenly combination of woody, amber and saffron elements

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