Luxury Premium Yemeni Sidr Cave Honey Chewy Extremely Thick

by naseem.nauth

Dark Amber Brown

Luxury Yemeni Sidr

Thick and chewy


Luxury Premium Yemeni Sidr Cave Honey Chewy Extremely Thick. This luxury honey was harvested from high caves in Yemen. As a result, these high caves offer protection from the elements allowing the bees to work peacefully in their wild hives. The honey isn’t exposed to the sun retaining its Extremely Chewy & thick liquid gold quality.

Genuine product, Completely Authentic and pure, cold extract without any added artificial flavourings. Free from added sugar or syrup. RAW, Cold Extract, Unfiltered, Unpasteurized and completely authentic. Has many health benefits, for instance, it can boost your immune system,contains many beneficial probiotics, improves collagen level for smooth, rich skin, helps heal wounds and burnsAvailable with FREE DELIVERY to the UK.

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