Purchase 2 Editing Hours for Scdawah & be part of their work dedicated to Islam

by devteam

to post 1 hour of videos on youtube , Scdawah spends 5 hours on editing , every hour of editing costs 30£ . the brother who has been doing this job since 2016(for 5 years) is a security guard , 

the goal now is to post 1000 hours of inviting to islam videos , wihich means 5000 hours of editing  

support Scdawah into covering these charges by purchasing editing hours for him .


with 30£ ,you can help edit a video of inviting to islam that’s going to be viewed 30 thousand times ! you can be the reason someone hears about islam for the first time !

Watch this video to see how far Scdawah channel went in spreading islamic content on YouTube .


support  the channel & share this link with every Muslim you know


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