Ruqya Recited Jumbo Size High Quality Ajwa Dates 100% Organic

by naseem.nauth

Ruqya Recited Jumbo Size High Quality Ajwa Dates 100% Organic. Net weight is 900g. Very fleshy and chewy direct from the blessed city of Medina. These lovely dates are almost 4CM long. They have many medical benefits and are freshly imported. Aisha reported Allah’s Messenger [PBUH] said, “The Ajwa dates of Aliya (village near Madinah) contain heating effects and these are antidote in the early morning.” (Sahih Muslim: Book 23, Number 5083)

Please note, for us to recite Quran Ruqya over these dates, we will have to open the initial seal. Therefore, you will receive this with the seal broken.

If you require further assistance with your purchase please don’t hesitate to contact us, we have a good track record of responding quickly to our messages.

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