Ruqya Recited Organic Blackseed Honey (Nigella Sativa)

by naseem.nauth
Organic Blackseed Honey (Nigella Sativa).

This luxury honey was harvested from the region of Al Qaseem, (Saudia Arabia). Qaseem is also known as the ‘aliment basket’ of the kingdom. It produces over 70% of the entire country’s vegetation.

Moreover, Qaseem is also well known for its quality of blackseed it produces. The soil, temperature and the drinkable ground water ensures the best quality of black seed.

This honey is a result of beekeepers locating their hives near the black seed farms. The bees feed on Nigella Sativa flower’s nectar. Black seed honey is known also known as ‘miracle honey’. This is because the bees have produced their nectar solely from the blackseed flower.

This blackseed honey is in its rawest form. Therefore, it is free from chemicals, additives or preservatives.

Its extremely rich, thick and chewy texture is a luxury to any honey enthusiast. 

Please note: This honey is 100% pure from the blackseed flower. It has no oils, seeds or mixture added. Thus, it is exceptionally rare and hard to source.

Benefits of Organic Blackseed Honey (Nigella Sativa):
  • cough and respiratory related issues
  • strengthening the heart
  • treating clogged arteries
  • purifying the blood
  • digestion and colon related issues
  • detoxification of the organs
  • preventing sickness and nausea
  • purifying the urinary tract
  • It is a natural antibiotic, antioxidant, antiviral, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory and graded medicinal.

Completely Authentic and pure, cold extract without any added artificial flavourings. Free from added sugar or syrup. RAW, Cold Extract, Unfiltered, Unpasteurized and completely authentic. Has many health benefits, for instance, it can boost your immune system,contains many beneficial probiotics, improves collagen level for smooth, rich skin, helps heal wounds and burnsAvailable with FREE DELIVERY to the UK.

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