Recent abaya style designs for you to follow

recent abaya designs

Regularly, new trends are being developed and designed. So, to keep up with the flow is a difficult job and it is even harder to get ahead. At MiskShops, we are proudly introducing the Recent abaya style, where a Muslimah can successfully embrace the exclusive layout and material of 2019.


A jilbab should come from the head, and it is also known as an overhead abaya. A female’s shoulders are not the top point, so if a woman is wearing a jilbab from her shoulders it tends to show the shape of her feature. 

Velvet abaya

This abaya is mostly a design for winter and they look unquestionably amazing. It has a beautiful fabric that looks great while spreading over a big piece of clothing like the abaya.

Kaftan abaya

It is a big and long vail style which mostly every Muslim woman likes. Kaftans are usually made with exrta fabric. The versatile prolonged layers make the abayas more incredible and very costly.

Belted abaya

If you are willing to give yourself a trendy look then wearing a belted abaya will be perfect for you. If you wear your abaya with a sash belt around the waist, it will give you a beautiful shape.

Plain abaya

For your modest wear, these are important. These Abayas are designed from beautifully rich material and are available in many stunning colors at MiskShops. With the use of our comparable belts, you can wear them open or closed which will add a creative fitted look to yourself.

Fancy abaya

When generally you wear an abaya, sometimes it is hard to dress according to the occasion. You can customize it as a robe-style abaya and use it as the evening wear. For curvy females, these attires can help create a slimming look. 

Unique abaya

To follow fashion trends this design can be the easiest for you. You can combine any of your classic black and white clothing pieces to pull off a unique look.


The simple way of buying Islamic clothes online is an amazing thing these days. At a cheap price, MiskShops can help you to have a modest style. We also have a large collection for those women, who want to buy cheap abayas online as well.

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What they say about Misk

What they say about Misk

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"Miskshops gives us the opportunity to reach muslim communities"

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"Miskshops gives us the opportunity to reach muslim communities"

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