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This Brief Guide To Understand Islam is created for non-Muslims who would want to understand Islam, the followers of Islam (Muslims), and the Holy Quran. The guide is full of references, information, illustrations, and bibliography of Islam. Any non-Muslim can rely on their information as they, studied, and edited by many Muslim professors and professionals who have the best and authentic knowledge about Islam. 

It has to the point information, and also pretty easy to read, and contains enough scientific knowledge. You can call this as a brief decorated guideline of Islamic knowledge. It is a fact that Islam is the fastest spreading religion across the world. 2 billion Muslims are there on the planet earth. Sadly, still, so many people possess very little knowledge or wrong idea about Islam. Below you will find some frequently asked questions by non-Muslims who want to know how Muslims think and what Islam is. 

What does Islam mean?

Notably, Islam is an Arabic word which means surrender. More elaborately, we can say Islam means submission to Allah’s will on His terms. The life of Islam simply depends on what Allah wills. That’s why Islam is more than a religion to Muslims, it is a path to live life. 

This clear translation reveals that the whole universe, the planets, the trees, and the animals, everything comes under the states of Islam, by surrendering themselves to Allah, as every creature follow their natural orders which Almighty has made for them especially. The reason behind the uniqueness of people is that we can pick whether we want to follow Allah’s commands or not. The Islam guide book will give every answer to those with similar questions like this who are not Muslims.

Who Is Allah to Muslims?

In Arabic “Allah” is a word which means One True God. It is the same Arabic speaking word that means the same thing to Jews and Christians as God. Allah the Almighty is One who has no partners and no child. He is the purest, has zero number of flaws. The only Creator of every creature that exists since life has started breathing on earth. He is not a spirit or soul of a man or a ball of energy or anything like that.  

Who are Muslims?

Muslims are those who follow Islam, those who abide by Allah’s rule, worship Allah, and believe in His oneness. The purpose of their lives is to please the Almighty by observing Islam and the rules set by Him.

Who is Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)? 

The beloved Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) was born in the year 570, at Mecca of Saudi Arabia. Since the time he was born, he was well-known to be the most loyal and trustworthy person to everyone. At the age of 40, Allah chose Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) to become a prophet who will deliver the message of Allah’s will to his believers. His was very necessary for Islamic history as there was no other prophet to come for mankind after him. Prophet Muhammad was the last and final messenger of Allah. He is the seal of prophets, many of whom are from a different religions, for example, Christian and Jewish traditions such as Adam, Noah, Abraham, Jacob, Moses, John the Baptist, David, Solomon, and Jesus (peace and blessings be upon them all).

Throughout the 23 years of his life Prophet Mohammad faced so many hardships and struggle while inviting people to accept Islam, and join as Muslims, he did his best to communicate the instruction to his followers.

What is the Quran?

Do many non-Muslims wonder what is this Holy Quran? Why is it referred to as the best scientific book, and why Muslims believe everything this Holy book has said and do as they are told? The Holy Quran is the exact word of Allah that was sent to beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) little by little, part by part, over the time of his prophecy, as an instruction guide for Muslims to know how to live their life. The Quran is Allah’s last and final communication to mankind that contains guidance for every aspect of life. Throughout the history of mankind, many prophets were sent before Mohammad (peace and blessings be upon him) to deliver the same sort of messages to the people.

Through time, people tried to change or alter the message by adding to or subtracting from what was originally given to the point where the actual message became a blur. As a result, sooner or later, another prophet would come from Allah to correct the previous message. All the previous instruction was left to their people to restore, but as the Holy Quran is well-known as the final message, Allah the Almighty Himself has guaranteed its preservation. The companions of Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) memorized and recorded the words of the Quran exactly as they were. and after the Prophet’s death, they were able to publish the actual print of the Holy Quran. Since its discovery was over 1400 years ago, the book has remained unchanged to the letter.


You will find every basic article on the web site of Islam Guide, which will give you the authentic information and correct knowledge about Islam and everything else regarding this religion. If your interest is to know about Islam you will also get to read about things like, ‘Some Evidence for the Truth of Islam’, ‘Some Benefits of Islam’, ‘Belief in the Day of Judgment’, ‘Belief in Al-Qadar’ and many more.

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Table of content: Brief Guide To Understand Islam
1- What does Islam mean?

2- Who Is Allah to Muslims?

3- Who are Muslims?

4- Who is Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)? 

5- What is the Quran?

6- Conclusion

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