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Those days are gone when a scarf was just used to wrap around the neck when in freezing weather or when suffering from a cold. In the recent era, scarves for women can mean glamour with modesty to both religious and non-religious women.

So many women use fashion accessories to bring out the best look they can have by an outfit and when it comes to building a statement about fashion, currently scarves are becoming a woman’s best friend daily.  There is something about a scarf that immediately adds chicness and can transform a woman into someone with style and grace in an amazing way. In this article, we will talk about why women of religion wear scarves and what are the recent scarf trends that have been going on. 

Also, if you are a Muslimah and you are into scarf fashions, who wants to have modesty with a touch of elegance by wearing stylish fancy scarves and if you are eager to know where to buy scarves then you are in the right place. You will find an ample amount of collection of beautiful scarves here Miskshops.

Symbolic uses of scarves

The scarf is the simplest pattern of embellishment, a single piece of cloth. It is known to be one of the most versatile clothing accessories for this reason. This piece of cloth is being used for ages across a diversity of civilizations, for a range of purposes. Plenty of Muslim women use headscarves for modesty, while ladies of a certain age prefer scarves with a triangular fold for fashion.

A scarf can be used as a political statement too. In early 20th-century campaigners used scarves for women’s rights to advocate their cause.

Also, scarves expressed nationalist beliefs during World War II.

Islamic requirement for covering the head

According to the holy Quran, a believing Muslim female must cover their hair. It is mentioned in the Quran, ‘Tell the believing women to draw their headscarves over their chests’ (Qur’an 24:31). There are distinctive translations of the Quran that have rendered the Arabic word Khumur also known as khimar as “veils” (Yusuf Ali), “scarves” (Abdul Majid Daryabadi) and “shawls” (Taqi Usmani). These days it is common to use the word hijab to refer to the headscarf, but the word used in the Quran was khimar. It is important to get that neither it means a woman can wear a scarf that is draped around the neck nor a shawl that is used to cover other parts of the body.

Why Muslim women wear headscarves?

An expression of a person’s individuality

These days wearing ladies’ scarves can mean so many things. Muslim women wear the headscarf to signal pride in their ethnic identity.

Modesty differs 

The hijab or headscarves, and other modest Islamic clothing express a large range of styles and fashion across different cultures and countries. According to a research of Liz Bucar, a scholar of philosophy and religion at Northeastern University, while working on the topic of Islamic clothing also challenges some popular stereotypes across Iran, Indonesia, and Turkey, she discovered that the concept of modesty was not similar across all regions and that over time it had changed. In Indonesia, women were not used to wearing headscarves or modest clothing until about 30 years ago, the same goes for Turkey.

Islamic fashion industry

According to Faegheh Shirazi, a scholar at the University of Texas at Austin said, ‘Muslim fashion is a lucrative global industry with countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, and Turkey leading the way outside the Western countries. In 2010 the Turkish newspaper Milliyet estimated the global Islamic clothing market to be worth around US$2.9 billion’. 

She discovered while researching that head coverings are often an important part of this fashion industry that is expected to reach $488 billion by 2019.

Scarf fashion trends for winter

Wool cardigans

You should have a woolen cardigan in your wardrobe, as it is one of those basic pieces of cloth which you can wear with any kind of scarf. 

Long coat

We all know coats are a classic winter item, and nowadays long coats are getting trendy more and more, and if you wrap around your head and neck with a winter scarf you will look so classy yet modest.

Abaya or capes

This winter you can wear velvet abaya with a fancy scarf to give you an elegant look. If you want to read about  trendy abayas then don’t forget to take a look here ===> Click here

Wool blazers

Many women do not like suits, and they prefer blazer more. You can wear them with decorative scarves for formal events, and they are extremely warm.

Leather skirts

Any scarf will look smart with a leather skirt, and gorgeous leather pleated skirts are very trendy this year. Also, it is very comfortable to wear as it is loose.

15 Stylish and beautiful scarves for women

Decorative scarves

To accessorize ourselves in a great way quickly, decorative scarves are the best pick. These kinds of scarves work like two in one. They both work together as a scarf and a necklace around your neck. By wearing this you will look stylish and different.

Printed silk scarves

This is an option to upgrade your fashion collection. By choosing multi-color silk scarves which is too soft and shiny will give you a beautiful smart look. And it is made up of silk. It will perfectly go well with any unicolor modern outfit of yours.

Spring scarves

Spring scarf collection of 2019 is exclusively as pleasant as one can expect. You will find floral prints on their menu. And also, this year there are silk scarves in every bold pattern imaginable. So, if your neck grows cold in the spring breeze, you have nothing to worry about because you will find a spring scarf for that. This look is very handy while traveling too. 

If you are traveling and looking for a basic helping guide about things you can do or places you can visit while traveling then have a look at these sites.


Muslim Countries for Vacations | Top 7 countries

Bright accessory scarves

Scarves work as a great accessory, especially for summer. Bright headscarves are very stylish and trendy at all times. It will help you to have a fresh and different look.

Elegant silk scarf

If you want to create a classic look on yourself, an elegant silk scarf tied around the neck is priceless.

Sheer long scarves

For any evening formal event, along sheer scarf draped around the shoulders will compliment you in any dress.

Lightweight women’s fashion scarves

If you want to have a light weighted scarf in your wardrobe, then buy one. It is a great fashionable scarf for females that have floral prints all over the material, and this scarf is made up of synthetic fabric that has a shiny effect and it is lightweight too. 

Colorful scarves

This year you will find plenty of collections of colorful scarves for women. These scarves give an attractive stylish look with whatever kind of attire you choose to wear.

Neck shawls

This piece of cloth comes very handily in winter. It will not only give you the warmth you need but also will help you to have an elegant classy look. You can wear exclusive stylish abayas with them informal events. Take a look at our collection here Recent abaya style designs for you to follow 

East cloud polka dot scarves

This scarf will go fine with a western outfit. You can easily wrap this around your neck while wearing a denim jacket, and a skirt that compliments the look.

Trendy and cool short scarves

With such type of fashion scarves, it creates a look that would be the favorite ones in your wardrobe. You can upgrade your fashion craze to these colored woolens knitted scarves for women. You can wear these in all seasons including spring.

Chiffon light scarves

This is a light weighted scarf that is made up of high-quality good chiffon material. It creates a shiny look that you mostly find in silky materials only. It looks beautiful with all kinds of dresses and attires.

Winter infinity scarves

This infinity scarf is a great piece of the collection to have, that is too modern and also thick, and you can use it in cold weather seasons.

Trendy women neck scarfs

This year you will find neck scarves in so many designs, that will fulfill your desire to have a fashionable look. 

Vintage Italian scarves

These lovely Italian scarves are large enough to be worn as a shawl, scarf or headscarf depends on your preference. This look will go well as part of a vintage outfit or a more modern look.

If you are a Muslim woman who is looking for scarves on sale online then don’t forget to take a look at our website MiskShops.


For a religious purpose, plenty of Muslim women prefer such kind of cute scarves to fulfill their demands. These days they are known as an attire called Hijab. These fashion scarves will truly fulfill the desire for a Muslim woman to have a modest look and also will help them to stay fashion conscious.

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