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Have you ever heard of Shilajit? Do you know the great benefits and the easy uses of it? Here are brief detailed facts of Shilajit. you can read this article about «Shilajit» and all you want to know about it in www.miskshops.com

What is Shilajit?

Shilajit is natural sticky substance that comes from the rocks of the Himalayas. They use it in ayurvedic medicine for its effective supplements. Your body benefits from it so is your well-being and health. In fact, it develops over centuries by the slow decomposition of specific plants, and that is by the action of microorganism. On the other hand, it is a black brown-ish powder that comes from the mountains between India and Nepal. It is used intensely in the medical field; therefore, it has two main characteristics that are to increase physical health and also to promote human health and improve it. The plant material comes from species such as Euphorbia royleana and Trifolium repens. It takes centuries from the decomposition to occur.


However advanced studies have shown that many other plants organisms can generate Shilajit; such as, Marchantia, Pellia, Asterella and few others. In traditional ways, people from Nepal and India consume Shilajit, they take with milk for breakfast for example. It makes a great part of their diet in order to build up a population of strong men and women with a good level of longevity. Moreover, it treats many health conditions, let’s find out about them.

Shilajit Uses

Shilajit is available in different forms, liquid and powder. You can check our store in www.miskshop.com, the prices and diversity are super appropriate. If you get the liquid form, you can dissolve a portion of a grain rice size in liquid and drink from it from one to three times a day. And if you get the powder form, you can take it once or twice a day with milk. The safe recommended dose of Shilajit varies between 300 and 500 mg per day. You can always check the instruction of the packaging for detailed guidance.

Benefits of Shilajit


Shilajit is very efficient when it comes to aging matters. It has fulvic acid that acts as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds. Therefore, it helps reducing radicals and cellular damages on the skin. Which prevents premature aging.


As commonly known, Alzheimer is a modern spreading disease; fortunately we have Shilajit. Based on its molecular composition, researchers have proven that Shilajit can prevent the progression and development of Alzheimer. Fulvic acid, this powerful antioxidant acid helps in preventing the accumulation of tau protein. These proteins are an important part in our nervous system; yet, it can accumulate to build up a trigger to our brain cells. For instance, the acid can stop the abnormal accumulation of tau protein.


CFC is a condition that is long-term, it causes a massive fatigue and an extreme tiredness. It makes it hard for you to live your regular life like, going to work, getting your daily tasks done, or even have rest from naps. The Shilajit supplements reduce the symptoms by helping you to restore energy. The Shilajit can prevent mitochondrial dysfunction. Therefore, it is believed to treat chronic fatigue syndrome.


This is a very interesting matter that Shilajit surprisingly can take care of. In a study where, a group of sixty infertile men tried Shilajit two times a day for ninety days straight, after meals. By the end of the ninety days, they found that more than 60% of the participants had an increase in their total sperm count. And more than 12% had an increase in sperm motility. In fact, sperm motility stands for its ability in a sample, which is an important part of fertility.


Shilajit has also the ability of improving the health of the heart. So many experiments have proven the effecienty of Shilajit in providing the heart with an improvement. For example, an experiment on rats that they injected with isoproterenol, that is one the Shilajit componants. The rats that took Shilajin that were prior to cardiac injury had less cardiac lesions than the rats who didn’t take it.


Shilajit can help with altitude sickness. The changes of pressure at different high altitudes can affect some people badly and cause them a panic attack. For instance, the symptoms of altitude varies, and range from body pain, fatigue, trouble in breathing and nausea cause by the lack of oxygen in the brain. So, Shilajit has substances that contain more than eighty minerals, acids like fulvic ad humic. Therefore, it can decrease and minimize the symptoms caused by fear of altitudes.

Does Shilajit have any side effect?

Regardless of the great benefits that Shilijat provide to their consumers, it may aslo have some side effects. In fact, there are some concerns that Shilajit may increase the production of uric acid, consequently, may exacerbate conditions. It may also increase iron levels. So such category of people with conditions of hemochromatosis would be bad for them to consume Shilajit. Moreover, consuming raw or untreated it is so not recommended. Not to forget that pregnant women are restricted and absolutely banned from taking it in any form.


As you have seen with us dear readers, Shilajit is a very beneficial nature exctract to your general health. It comes from the rocks of Himalayas. It also takes centuries for the plants to generate it. You can purchase it in our stores www.miskhops.com for really great price. It has many forms, liquid and powder, you can use how do you want it, and also depending on the kind of the diet you want to start. It has the perfect elements and acids for your external and internal well-being. You can make your diet however you want it. You can use it in powder form and dip it in a liquid and have it once to 3 times a day. Or you can use as a liquid, you just have to mix it with milk and there you go.

Shilajit have immense benefits on your general health. It fights Alzheimer, it prevents heart diseases, it deals with altitude sickness and can treat infertility problems. Indeed, it can also have some side effects, and might just as well work badly for some people with special conditions like pregnancy and few other hormone disorders. Yet, there is a recommended dose of the use of it, that varies from 300 to 500 mg. Now that you have a clearer image and a general knowledge of Shilajit. What are you waiting for? Get your first if not the first bottle of Shilajit in www.miskshops.com. And start to use it in order to benefit from it.

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