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sidr honey

Sidr honey is actually the best type of honeys out there! It is a yummy medicine. It pleases you and protects your body health. Find out about Sidr honey wonders in www.miskshops.com.

Sidr Honey

What is Sidr Honey?

Sidr honey is a monofloral honey, they made it from the nectar of Sidr trees in Yemen mainly. They also call it, Middle East’s Manuka honey. It is genuinely considered to be medical-grade honey. Because of its medical benefits are way greater and more effective, than all of the other standard table honeys. In fact, it contains a higher amount of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. Therefore, it is more or less expensive because of its wide medical uses in the Middle East, and also, in the whole world. Let’s not also forget about its irresistible taste that grownups and kids love and enjoy.

Benefits of Sidr honey.

Sidr honey is pretty famous if to say for its endless effective benefits. People from ages ago, doctors and nutrition scientist believed and proved that Sidr honey help to lighten stomach pains, infections, diseases like cancer, digestive problems, heal wounds and scars, and even uses of skin care; moreover, it strengthens the immune system which provides with better health and strong resistance to even dangerous illnesses. Here are some quite of benefits of Sidr honey among endless of them.

  • Heart attack prevention.

Sidr honey lowers the chances of having heart attacks, in fact, it lowers excess of cholesterol levels in the blood, it also decreases fat accumulations in the heart vessels and veins. This way, it prevents the possibility of having heart attacks. It balances the blood circulation just perfectly

  • Memory improvement.

Sidr honey has special properties that act as natural preventive executer for both cognitive decline and dementia. Admittedly, Women who consumed Sidr honey for a diet as a treatment, claimed that their memory improved immediately.

  • Cancer.

Once again, Sidr honey is very known to protect from cancer and even helps fight it. For instance, this honey is able to fight many types of cancers; such as bone cancer, brain tumours, liver cancer, breast cancer for women and also, pancreatic cancer

  • Immune system improvement.

This miraculous honey benefits will blow your mind and leave you amazed. When you take it as a dietary supplement, it will bolster and strengthen your immune system. Besides, studies have shown that it is way more effective to fight flu during times of high spread and exposure.

  • Anti-ageing effect.

Sidr honey has the perfect benefits for your skin. As you can use it for many natural remedies, and beauty treatments. It helps to reduce the ageing process of the skin, to give a glowy gorgeous look. It also improves the physical aesthetics for flawless healthy-looking skin.

  • Energy booster.

Yemen honey is a natural source of carbs, that strengthen the body and gives it energy. It is indeed, effective in boosting the performance, endurance INSTANTLY! In addition to that, Its natural sugars help to prevent fatigue during exercises. The body can absorb the glucose in this honey quickly, to give it an instant and immediate energy boost.

  • Weight loss tool.

This benefit you will surely like. Honey is actually very rich with calories, yet has zero fats and super low in sugar. So, if you want to lose some pounds or kilos, go for Sidr honey diet, which is simple, add a spoon of honey and lemon to your water, juice and drink it every morning to reduce the fats you desire to get rid of.

Characteristics of Yemen Sidr honey.

Sidr honey has some characteristics that justifies its endless benefits.

  • It is organic: Sidr trees grow in the desert areas of Yemen in wild natural conditions. The supply of Yemeni Sidr honey is one hundred per cent organic. It is certified with the UK and Yemen governing bodies.
  • It is raw: The beekeepers work in a traditional way, using traditional methods of beekeeping. They never use chemicals or certain drugs in the process of extracting and collecting honey. The unheated raw honey is put into containers that keep the effective enzyme elements
  • It is aphrodisiac: It has aphrodisiac qualities. When mixed with its own or other seeds, like carrot seeds. It can also be mixed with certain nuts and herbs which is natural and healthy.
  • It is a medicine: It heals many diseases such as cancer, cholesterol. Doctors advise their patient to use honey for a diet to fight specific illnesses.

Where to purchase Sidr honey?

sidr honey

Everyone who knows about the greatest benefits and the multiple uses of honey, purchase it constantly. You can find it in the markets, in stores who sells honey in specific, and also online. The price is quite good for the miracles it can do. You can also, purchase pure and raw honey in our website www.miskshops.com. You can join our faithful client’s fam, who are always satisfied with our products and the purchasing process.


Sidr honey is true, a must-have product in your home! It is full of vitamins and necessary elements for your body; such as Calcium, Iron, Sulphur, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Zinc and so many other important elements. It tastes so good and also does wonders to your body’s health. For instance, it has antioxidants and anti-inflammatory characteristics. It protects the body from many sicknesses as it boosts your immune system. Moreover, it fights many diseases in case you get ill. As it heals most of the flu types. It can beat cancer up and lowers the cholesterol level in your body. Therefore it prevents and decreases the chance of having a heart attack. On the other hand, remedies made with honey for skin are the most satisfying and the most effective.

All in all, Yemen honey is so sweet, yet low in sugar, in case you re in worry about this matter. Sidr honey is exactly what you need for a tasty flavour and natural home medicine. Don’t forget to check it out in our site www.miskhops.com.

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