Muslimah solo traveler | Travel as a Solo Muslimah?

Muslimah solo traveler

Muslimah solo traveler

As a person, I have a strong interest in people, and it just happens to be that I also love traveling. My recent identity is, that I am known as a Muslimah solo traveler. Both of my passion is linked with one another.

 I am a Bangladeshi, and I grew up in Canada. I studied there and then worked in the US for a decade until a few months ago. I thought it’s time to start traveling around and meet people from different cultures. When I meet a stranger with my hijab on, the hijab speaks for me in a way, that’s why I do not need to say I am a Muslim.

What motivates me to travel?

As I’ve always been very independent and there was always a sense of adventure in my blood, the idea of giving up the control to a certain amount and letting the universe assist me has given me the absolute motivation to start traveling.

Is it hard?

While traveling alone sometimes it’s natural to hit a few bumps on the road. Though I travel with a group always and traveling with a Muslim travel group has perks of its own. I can have a few more friends with Muslim small group touring programs, fully escorted trips. They give opportunities to explore beautiful halal-friendly destinations.

Tips for traveling alone in a halal way

  • Start with a prayer

There is no better protector than Allah. Before every trip, I make sure to pray for my safe journey and everything, He is the only one that can keep us safe and sound. This is how I start my journey.

  • Booking a decent hotel

A decent hotel in a good location provides the safety I need while traveling. There is a lesser chance to get robbed or have problems with these hotels if I choose an international brand. I always read the TripAdvisor reviews and look online for the cheapest deal.

  • Have a confident look

Walking with a straight stance and arms swinging by my sides portray a flash of confidence. If you are a female solo traveler, avoid any sort of slouching or walking like a victim.

  • Choose the right seat

While traveling, always make sure to choose the right seat for public transportation. If I am traveling alone after peak hours, I sit as close to the driver as possible and choose the side of the bus/train that is most crowded.

  • Share your whereabouts 

Tell your parents, spouses, and friends about where you are going and when you will be back so that your absence will be noticed. 

  • Trust your instincts

While walking somewhere if you feel strange, take extra precautions by walking a little faster to get to a more populated area.

  • Visit the local mosque

These days many European cities have female prayer facilities so I try to visit them as much as I can, it is a great way to meet new local sisters and be friends with them.

  • Halal food

I always browse for the best halal food places before going to that region. Sometimes they are hard to find, so I switch to vegan foods.


Muslims are all around the world and it’s great because traveling is one of the best ways to break misconceptions about Islam and see what this beautiful world has to offer. So sisters, pack your bags, check your wallet, and safe travel! 

cover image source: Unsplash

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What they say about Misk

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