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halal food in London | 8 Best Halal Food Places in London

What to Eat For Suhoor?

8 Best Halal Food Places in London London provides help to those that want to eat halal meat. Starting from fast food to fine dining, chain restaurants to indie venues, there is always a decent choice for anyone wanting to eat outside. If you are thinking about where to get halal food in London, then […]

Halal Food | Foods that are allowed for Muslims to eat

Halal Food

In Islam, the word ‘halal’ means permissible and proper. Foods that are permissible for Muslims to eat or drink under Islamic law (Shariah) are ‘Halal Foods’.  This law specifies what kind of foods are permissible and their preparation. Like every other human, Muslims eat to continue an energetic and healthy physique to be able to […]