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tanzil quoran

tanzil quoran

Those who want to recite and understand Quran, and want to learn how to correctly write Quran text in Sahih way but currently you don’t have any professional help from anyone, no worries fellow brothers and sisters! The website named tanzil quoran will help you regarding these issues of yours very easily. 

The Holy Quran is a book of guidance and a sea of knowledge which no one cannot measure, for those who take inspiration from it they know how great the virtues of the Quran are. The Quran is a guide for all of humankind, regardless of anyone’s belief, identity, cultural background, age, or gender. Allah the Almighty says, ‘There is no doubt that this book is a guide for you.’ 

What is the tanzil quoran project?

tanzil ul quran

In early 2007, a Quranic project named Tanzil Quran has launched to produce a highly verified Unicode Quran text which you can use in Quranic websites and applications. Their mission behind creating the Tanzil project is to produce a standard Unicode Quran text and serve as a trustworthy source for this standard text on the web. 

Reason for the creation of tanzil quoran?

tanzil ul quran

Since the first digital copy of the Holy Quran came out, there’s been an important effort to create an accurate Quran text. However, they had to face plenty of difficulties down the road, and these hardships were unsuccessful in many of the cases.

As these Quran texts were wrong, so it rapidly spread over the Internet that to get the correct form of Quranic ayahs had become quite impossible without referring to a verified printed manuscript. For instance, in 2007 when we used to search Google for the ayah 38 of Sura Al-Qalam which is إِنَّ لَكُمْ فِيهِ لَمَا تَخَيَّرُونَ, we used to get a very disastrous form of ending with the word يَتَخَيَّرُونَ. 

This horrible situation gave the fuel to launch the Tanzil project to create a highly verified error-free Quran text. And making this text available to the Quranic websites and applications to stop the further spreading of the erroneous Quran texts was the next step of those who created Tanzil Quran in the first place.

How to use tanzil quoran Navigator?

tanzil ul quran

They have a pretty simple guide on their website on how to use Tanzil Quran Navigator, which will be very simple for those who want to know the correct way to put an accurate Quran text while browsing for any kind of reason.

Benefits of tanzil quoran recitation

If you want to listen to beautiful recitations to have a peaceful mind then you can have that by the tanzil quoran recitation feature, you will be able to listen to the recitation of various famous reciters from the Recitation menu on the left of the page. These recitations are coordinated with the Quran text, and every time the reciter moves to the next ayah, the new ayah is highlighted in the Quran page, and the translation of the new ayah will be displayed in the translation box if you activate the feature. When needed the page will be automatically scrolled for you, to give the users assurance that the recited ayah is properly viewed in the browser’s window. 

Though some browsers might need a flash player for playing recitations. So, while using if you face any hardships and you are not capable of seeing the player in the recitation menu, you can try to install Flash Player on your browser first. 

Features in recitation genre

Some recitations options you will get are read below-

Repeat Times

You can customize how many times each ayah you want to hear or repeat by clicking on the number right after the reciter name.

Play Scope

You have the options of selecting whether you want recitations to go continuously, or stop at the end of each ayah, sura, page, etc.

Delay Time

You can also specify the delay time between every two consecutive ayahs.

Add Reciter

If you want to hear the recitations alternately then you can select two or more recitations to play instead. If you want to hear “translation audio” after the recitation of each ayah this feature will a specifically useful one for you.

Features in translation genre

Tanzil Quran will provide so many translations of the Quran in 40 different languages. You are free to pick your desired translation from the translation menu on the left of the page. There are three ways to listen to the translation of ayahs.

Translation Tooltip

In this feature, you will get to see the translation of each particular ayah by moving your mouse over the Arabic text of that ayah.

Translation Box

In this mode of the website, you will find the translation of the currently highlighted ayah shown in a small box next to the ayah. This feature is particularly useful for you when recitations are playing. 

Translation Tab

In this translation tab, you will notice the translation of the whole page at once. Then you can select between the first two modes from the translation menu on the left of the specific website we are talking about.

Tanzil Quran explorer

This website ‘Tanzil Quran’ has a powerful search engine to explore the Quran text. Two search modes will be provided for you by Tanzil itself.

Quran Text

By this feature of the page, you will be able to simply enter the word(s) you are looking for and by pressing Go. A list of ayahs will match your search query and will appear in the search tab of the page. You can also refine your search using various options described in search tips. 

Quran Roots

This will help you to select from a list of roots used in the Quran by pressing Go. After that, you will then receive a list of ayahs in which the selected root has appeared.


In Arabic Tanzil (تنزيل) means ‘to send down’. In the Quranic term, it is the process by which a divine message of the Holy Quran comes to the heart of the messenger, our beloved prophet (peace and blessings be upon him). The developers of Tanzil Quran exclusively used the help of a group of experts including Quran specialists and Hafizes to make sure the accuracy and efficiency of the acquired Quran text. Their Quran text is now active in major Quranic websites and projects, with several million’ active users per month. The accuracy of the text has been also confirmed by many projects that are actively using Tanzil Quran text.

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