The Best Halal Perfumes For Muslim Women

The Best Halal Perfumes For Muslim Women

perfume or cologne is usually the last step of a woman’s or man’s grooming routine before stepping out of the house. As the author, C. Joybell C. aptly puts it, “you’re never fully dressed without perfume”.

The Perfume Bottle

Perfume bottles are what give the scent its potency. Many bottles are even made from alluring woods. These woods are usually extracted from trees native to tropical climates like Madagascar and Borneo. Of course, scents vary according to season, occasion, and social ambiance. This also presents a problem for Muslims. Due to the harshness of the tradition, a Quran and Hadith, Muslim men and women cannot enjoy scents with an overtly sensual nature. These scents often have a strong, musky aroma, and even include animal fats and/or wax. Women are often left with only smelling and believing scents are something shameful. Jugular vein as perfume scents are called is forbidden in Islam. There is no permission given for a Muslim woman to wear perfume with such a strong scent.

The Different Types of Perfume

Hindus and Muslims both believe that a small butane lamp should be placed inside the room before using any perfume. The flame should be lit for 3-4 minutes, depending on the scent you want. Hence, even non-halal perfumes cannot be used if a bad-quality lamp is used. Ayurveda This ancient system of medicine recommends the usage of fragrances that are rich in essential oils. These essential oils should be soaked in water and used as lotions. They are also effective for cleansing, exfoliating, soothing, tightening, detoxifying, and healing wounds. This can be applied to the body using cotton pads and muslin. Aromatherapy The use of essential oils, olibanum, gingerol, and allantoin is known to be the safest and most beneficial for health as compared to synthetic fragrances.

The Essence of Perfume

The core component of a perfume is something called aldehyde. For most perfumes, this vital ingredient is sourced from a complex mixture of ingredients known as aqueous solutions. One such aldehyde is dioctyl benzyl ketone. This alcohol is the base component in most commercially available perfumes, usually bottled at just a few percentages of alcohol. Due to its harshness, perfume makers reserve it for only the most premium and exclusive fragrances.

The History of Perfume

It is believed that when we were alive in the Garden of Eden, we used cedar trees to make our dwellings fragrant. A little sulfur was added in the process to keep the smell strong. In a funny way, this essence still plays a significant part in perfumery. Today, one can buy perfume, as well as other perfumery accessories, online. What’s your take on colognes and perfumes?

Halal Perfumes

While you may have a jar of your favorite perfume in your house and use it, you should not expect it to be 100% halal. To be halal, products need to be made in compliance with Islamic norms. This means that no animal or any part of an animal can be used in the manufacturing process. To ensure that Halal standards are observed, some manufacturers use animal fat to give the perfume its signature aroma, just to be on the safe side. Yet, an Indian brand, Dabur’s Krishna Ayurvedic among others, is offering perfume with an unusual and divine flavor of aromatic flowers and honey. From fruit scents to rose and sandalwood, these perfumes promise to be divine. They are manufactured in accordance with Halal Sharia law. Do not forget to add some dry fruit to your scented arsenal.


Traditionally, perfumes were limited to one color and its scent. In this modern age, perfumes are designed with soft fabrics, colors, and scents that appeal to the senses of humans around the world. Whether you use it for your scent or your beauty, it’s a must-have. “Take your pick,” Jannah says. “Nothing enhances the aroma more than exploring different types. You need to find one that hits your right notes. What will complement your skin type, hair, mood or your fragrance preference?

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