The Ultimate Halal Food Guide: A Complete List of All Halal Restaurants

The Ultimate Halal Food Guide: A Complete List of All Halal Restaurants

Believe it or not, halal food and beverage sales in the United States are an enormous market expected to reach $1.9 trillion in value by 2022. The number of Muslims is expected to grow globally through 2050 meaning even more demand for this cuisine will be needed in the future. Halal cuisine is popular beyond the Middle East as well. Indonesia, Brazil, Turkey, and the United State are all major markets. Falafels, shawarmas, kebabs, hummus, and parathas are globally recognized dishes you may have tried at food stalls, restaurants, or grocers that serve Middle Eastern dishes.

The popularity of halal food

The fast-growing Muslim population in the U.S. is not the only reason for its growing popularity. If you are a newcomer to the Muslim-American culture, a delicious halal meal can be a treat. Looking for a good time? Order a huge order of wings at a sports bar and make new friends while watching the game. Halal food can be extremely entertaining if you know what you are doing. How the Halal food industry is growing So, how does the halal food industry grow? Business Insider spoke to Mahesh Ramanujam, CEO of the Halal Certification Authority of America. Ramanujam said that most halal products go through three phases, and today’s halal food movement is moving through the middle stages.

What is Halal food?

Halal food is prepared using Islamic dietary laws, also known as sharia law. It means that all food that follows the guidelines of Islam can be considered halal, that is, it can be consumed without any religious issues. Simply put, the only parts of food that are considered halal are its meat and its intoxicating drinks such as alcohol. Thus, the word halal can be literally translated to “permitted” and as “fit for consumption.” A sharia-compliant food is one that is prepared according to Islamic rules. You can’t have anything with animals in them, even if it’s a cooked dish. Meat must come from ruminants, and milk or dairy products from the mixture of water and semen of cows. At times, if a ruminant has not shed, the meat may be slaughtered while alive.

What are some well-known dishes?

The Halal Chicken from the Middle East is popular in the United States and North America. It’s made of non-pulverized chicken parts, such as leg meat, breast meat, or wings. It’s served in a salad, kofta style, or as a main dish, grilled or pan-fried. Another example is Lebanese cuisine. Every region of Lebanon has its own local specialty, whether it’s meat, seafood, or a combination of both. Those ingredients can be grown on the same farm or from local produce. Baklava is another popular dessert made with layers of pastry and chocolate, nuts, and dried fruit. What are the challenges? Despite the growth of the halal food market, many difficulties remain. According to the Pew Research Center, 1.8 percent of the U.S. population identifies itself as Muslim.

What are some common ingredients?

Falafel, a meatloaf-like pita bread dish that originated in the Middle East, is one of the most popular appetizers in the Muslim world. Falafel is usually made with wheat flour, yogurt, and eggs or milk, but many more variations exist. Falafel is usually fried or baked with or without a mayonnaise-based spread. The kibbeh nayyeh is a simple and delicious meal from the Levant, comprising of minced meat mixed with spices. You can get a variety of kibbeh nayyehs including a meat-and-chickpea kibbeh, as well as kibbeh nayyehs with vegetables, chickpeas, potatoes, and lentils. The halloumi, or brined cheese, is often grilled, but it’s also a common ingredient in Middle Eastern flatbreads, falafels, and salad.

What are some of the most popular cuisines that are halal?

According to Halal Cuisine USA, “Halal food is food prepared with animal-based products slaughtered in accordance with Islamic religious law as codified in the Quran and Sunnah. Halal foods are free of pork, blood, alcohol, or any animal-derived product, such as gelatin or gelatin-containing food and drinks, and are prepared or consumed according to the dictates of Islamic law.” Here are 10 of the most popular dishes from around the world that are Halal: Hummus Hummus (pronounced hum-muh-soo) is a popular Middle Eastern dish that has been popular throughout the Mediterranean, Asia, and Africa for centuries. Hummus is made with chickpeas, olive oil, garlic, lemon juice, and spices.


Ultimately, if you want to be healthy, you should be eating a balanced, gluten-free diet. There is no halal (or halal-certified) way to enjoy pizza, pasta, cookies, cakes, or ice cream. So, when in doubt, you should just stick with vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, and whole grains.

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