Virgin Coconut Oil | Benefits and Uses for Hair and Skin

Virgin coconut oil

Virgin coconut oil

Virgin coconut oil is called virgin for its ultimate purity. 100% natural! it literally sells life to your hair and skin! you will be guided right in www.miskshops.com

What is virgin coconut oil?

Virgin coconut oil is a 100% extraction from fresh coconut milk and water that are on their turn extracted from coconut meat. They call it virgin, or extra virgin because they extract it from each single fresh coconut on its own. Before doing so, the process starts with pressing the coconut, grating it then drying it for few hours, at a temperature that is less than 40 degrees. For instance that what makes this oil more expensive than the regular one. Except that our store has some really good sales, all you can do is check it out in www.miskshops.com. In fact, it doesn’t get exposed to heat, it is 100% natural, it has no bleaching, it is simply cold-pressed. It has gained popularity within time of course, compared to the regular coconut oil. For instance, it is rich with powerful antioxidant, fatty acids, and necessary vitamins for you hair, skin and your general health.

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What is the difference between regular coconut oil And virgin/extra virgin  coconut oil?

The difference between the regular coconut oil and the virgin coconut oil comes at different levels. At the level of the extraction; on one hand, regular coconut oil comes from dried coconut kernels. They eventually refine the oil extract, they decolorize it and bleach it. Unlike this oil, they extract it from the fresh coconut milk, they cold press it so that it keeps all of its natural elements, aroma and its properties. As for at the level composition of the two oils, there also differences. The regular oil may lose many of its natural elements since they expose it to heat and other manipulative factors. The virgin oil maintains all of its elements like the fatty acids, the good cholesterol and also trans-fatty acids. Consequently this lead to another difference which is the purity of the oils. The virgin one is definitely pure and un-manipulated.

Why virgin coconut oil is good for your skin?

Virgin coconut oil has massive benefits on your skin. And here is why:

  • Hydrates your skin:

It is rich with medium chain fatty acids, that contribute in reducing dryness and in helping the skin to be constantly moisturized, especially in cold weather.

  • It smoothens the skin:

The oil has nutrients and vitamins that nourish your skin to improve its texture and gives your skin an immediate smooth effect

  • It heals skin irritation:

It has antioxidant properties, therefore it is very effective on skin conditions that cause irritation like eczema. The oil will give you a soothing relief and will cool down your skin irritation.

  • It minimizes wrinkles and lines:

Virgin coconut oil is able to diminish the signs of premature aging, that shows in the lines under the eyes, around the mouth and the nose, and in the forehead. It soaks into the skin to minimize the wrinkles and slow down their development.

  • VCO reduces redness:

This nutty oil is very calming, soothing and relieving to the skin. It help reducing redness especially the one that is temporary.

Virgin coconut oil is your key to a healthy shiny looking hair

Virgin coconut oil is full of vitamins and minerals that make the perfect nourishment for your hair and definitely for your scalp. Here are some of the main benefits that virgin coconut oil can have on your hair.

  • It protects you hair from any possible damages:

You can apply it before dying your hair, or bleaching. This way your hair will receive less damages.

  • It can help in growing your hair to make it thick and strong:

Thanks to the minerals, vitamins and medium fatty acids in this virgin oil. This latter helps feeding your scalp and regenerates the hair follicles. This way the hair would grow faster, thicker and stronger.

  • It treats scalp dandruff:

Again, thanks to its antioxidant properties, virgin coconut oil, can deal with such scalp conditions. Like dandruff. You can apply the oil only five minutes before washing your hair with shampoo, you’re more likely to see less dandruff.

Different uses of virgin coconut oil

Virgin Coconu oil serves perfectly all types of skin, from dry to mix to greasy skin. It is rich in antibacterial, anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties. That is why it is very important to have this product at home and use it in many different ways. You can apply it directly to your skin on a daily-basis, at night. Or you can mix it with other ingredients to make the perfect mask for you hair ot your skin. You can mix a tablespoon of this oil and mix it with white of an egg, or honey. You can also mix it with other oils like almond’s or avocado oil to give your skin or hair the fullest nourishment.

Furthermore, you can even cook with coconut oil and benefit from it on an internal manner. For example, you can add few drops of virgin coconut oil to your milk or to your favorite smoothie. It gives a good flavor to your drink and also provide your body the vitamins it needs.


Virgin coconut oil is the best version of all types of coconut oil. In fact, it is the authentic, and the 100% natural kind of coconut oil. That is because of the way they extracted it, as they cold press it, so it won’t lose its properties. By the way, you can find Virgin/Extra virgin coconut oil in www.miskshops.com for a win to win price. It is rich in vitamins, minerals and has many properties; anti-inflammatory ones, antibacterial ones and antioxidant ones, without forgetting about the medium fatty acids. In fact, these properties help the skin to improve, it fights wrinkles, it moisturizes the skin and even treat skin conditions.

In addition to that, it nourishes the hair from the roots to the very ends. VCO also hydrates the hair, it penetrates the scalp to improve it and most importantly, it strengthen, thicken and make the hair grow super-fast. This miraculous oil is general when it comes to all of what it can do to your body.

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