Halal meat: What is it and why is it so controversial

Halal Meat

To prepare the meat in the halal way Muslims have to follow certain rules and regulations and the preparation of Halal Meat requires few basic steps.

This article will provide the proper information about halal meat and will summarize its main dietary guidelines, and gives the requirements that meat must meet to be considered halal. But before that, we will also talk about a few basics.

Definition of Muslim

In Arabic term, Islam means surrendering to Allah alone, which indicates the submission of a believer to Allah’s will. To worship only Him, to obey every command, being in peace with the acceptance of whatever may come from Allah.

What is halal?

Allah orders His followers to ‘eat from whatever is on earth (that is) lawful and good and do not follow the footsteps of Satan. Indeed, he is to you a clear enemy.’ [Surat Al-Baqarah 2:168]

In Islamic science, Halal is a term that means permissible or allowed. In other words of Islamic law, it is an obvious term that also defines what is lawfully acceptable, but its frequent mention is in the issue of how meat is dealt with. 

Haram is the absolute opposite of halal which means forbidden or not allowed.

What is Halal Meat?

By definition, halal meat and other halal foods are those that have been certified to be permissible for Muslims to have. Though the word “halal” is used by non-Muslims closed to particularly to mentioned to the process of slaughter and preparation of meat in conformance with Islamic practices.

In the poultry and food industry, you can include animals such as cows, lamb, goats, sheep, veal, chickens, ducks, turkeys, bison, venison, game birds are known to be halal meat if only a Muslim prepare them according to Islamic laws.

Preparation of Halal meat

If we are talking about impurity and food poisoning, then definitely halal food has less incidence rate. Islam has a certain rule to maintain hygiene when it comes to preparing halal food so that eating these foods can be safer for us. 

For meat to be halal the animal must be healthy and alive before its slaughter. Afterward using a thorough cleaning process, ensure all the blood has left the body. Beneficially, slaughtering animals in a halal way can preserve the organs of the animal.

According to many researches, blood contains a high level of uric acid. Hence using other methods to butcher animals can cause problems, their meat usually consists of bacteria, e-coli poisoning. When a human body absorbs or consumes this, it can be quite detrimental.

Nevertheless, The U.S Department of Agriculture or also known as the reference for the nutritional content of food do not believe that there is any real dissimilarity between the halal meat and other meats from a nutritional prospect. 

Definition of Kosher

For plenty of Jews, the kosher meaning is more than just health or the safety of food. It is a way of expressing veneration and devotion to religious tradition. That means, not every Jewish community strictly comply with kosher guidelines. Many individual Jews may choose to follow only specific rules or none at all.

Difference between halal meat and kosher meat

The techniques of both slaughter have similarities, where both need to use a surgically sharp knife and specially-skilled slaughtermen. 

The word ‘Kashrut’ is the foundation that caters to the laws for a kosher dietary structure for Jews. Usually which meat should be eaten and how they should be prepared, formed, and handled are decided by these laws, same as halal meat.

As we know, before every slaughter after an introductory blessing halal food requires the mention of Allah’s name. Kashrut doesn’t follow that rule. It prohibits to eat specific pieces of the carcass in kosher dietary, including particular fats, and the sciatic nerve. While halal foods also ban the consumption of certain carcass parts including the bladder and testicles.

How halal chicken is different from any other chicken?

According to Islamic laws, Muslims are allowed to have halal chicken and any of the other permitted animals as long as it has been slaughtered using a process of slaughter called ‘dhabihah’ and prepared in a halal way. It is done by a Muslim who calls upon the name of Allah and immediately cuts the chicken’s throat with a very sharp knife so that it dies instantly, the procedure applies to other animals too.

It is not permissible for Muslims to have the blood, pancreas, gall bladder, bladder or reproductive organs of any animal. 

Modern stunning methods

There are many critics of Islamic and somewhat similar Jewish strategies in slaughtering animals that disagree with the fact that 1902 is not overpowering. According to that stunning meaning is that animals should be stunned or numbed before their throats be cut.

Halal meat sold by restaurants and retailers

These days restaurants and retailers are making a good fortune, by ensuring that their food meets halal principal. Under the instructions of HFA or Halal Food Authority slaughterhouses must be controllable. In the UK, HFA states, many slaughterhouses are converting to halal systems to cater to the Muslim community. 

People are preferring halal meat

Behind the halal food scenarios worldwide and specifically in the US, Muslim millennials are the biggest influential strength. Also, nowadays to a lot of non-Muslims the health benefits of having halal meat are very tempting. As this new generation cares much more about what goes in their system, Halal meat is a smart choice.

Halal food near me

When it comes to having healthy halal food, living in a Muslim majority country such as Bangladesh, has its perks if I am in search of any kind of halal near me. It is very obvious that there is a broad number of Muslims living in this country, so for people to prefer eating halal meat is quite a basic thing to do.

For a Muslim majority country, there is a huge open possibility to siege a significant fraction of halal goods of the international market which is increasing promptly.

Halal meat near me

Home delivery and takeaways are very usual offers by halal food restaurants and fast foods in Bangladesh. If you ever decide to visit this country then I would recommend a few places from which you will find halal meat or any kind of halal food. Bar B Q Tonight, Nando’s, Takeout, Burger king, BFC, American Burger, Star Kabab & Restaurant, Hazir Biriyani, Fakruddin, Seasonal Tastes, Santoor, Bunka, etc are some of my favorite halal restaurants near me when I crave halal meat.

Can Muslims eat any banned food?

Under special circumstances, if a Muslim doesn’t find any halal food places then it is permissible for him/ her to eat non-halal food to prevent death by starvation according to Islamic laws. Though he/she needs to keep in mind that this must be the last resort and only the absolute minimum should be eaten.

As a Muslim traveler, I know for a fact that sometimes it gets tricky to find halal restaurants. If you are also a Muslim who loves traveling then you need to do some research before you decide to select any place. 

Not only food places, as a Muslim you need to follow other specific rules you should’nt neglect being a believer. One of them is Salah! 

Right now, I am visiting Columbus Ohio. And there are plenty of halal food restaurants in here to choose, you can just google them, it’s pretty easy. Also, if you want to know the exact prayer times of Columbus Ohio time zone then you can follow this link below. 



Islam is a way of life with habitual actions, regulations and polished civil behaviors guiding every feature of life. To Muslim people, this is not only a religion to follow. As food is an important part of our life and food laws bear a certain understanding. Just like fasting, prayer and other religious activities, eating is also an element of worship of Allah for Muslims. This is the reason why those who are practicing Muslims cannot have foods or meat that are not halal. 

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