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About Us- islamic shops

Welcome to About Us- Islamic shops of miskshops. Our website MISK SHOP LTD is a multivendor market place that allows Muslim customers and vendors to interact with each other. Our focus is to provide both parties with a premium level of satisfaction in each transaction performed on this platform. Since the beginning of our journey from Waterloo in Ontario, Canada in early 2018 we have always focused on ensuring maximum customer satisfaction by offering more distinctive and reliable products to our Muslim customers than others. The very much passionate team of ours puts immense effort to ensure your trust in every step you take towards us. We serve Muslim Customers all over the world and always want to be a major catalyst in an eco-friendly environment in different industries.

About Us- islamic shops

Things you will find on our website

Influencer market

On our website, you will find the Influencer market section which allows mainly western Muslim influencers to sell their products on our platform. Muslim influencers from western countries such as- Europe, The United Kingdom, The United States, Canada, North America, etc are wholeheartedly welcome here to sell their products. We want to help these influencers in their work. We want them to focus on their job and we want to make it easy for them by providing help. Also, their followers are very much welcome in Miskshops too. 


Another feature of ours is the Homelands section. Here you will find various regional products and for our diverse regional customers, our dedicated team tries their level best to showcase the most desired products of your culture on our website. 

Productive Family

In the Productive Family section, all the Muslims can sell their homemade products on our website and customers are welcome to purchase the products which are made sure by us on key features such as endurance and quality.

The reason behind making this section is because we want to help those who are in need economically. Many people are still living an unfortunate life, who are not capable enough to provide certain help to their families, for example- single moms, jobless people, etc. Through this section, these people who are in special needs can get a decent life.

Used Products

Products which you have purchased before but currently not using them now, you can resale those products in our Used Products category.

The reason for making this section is that many Muslims from western countries don’t like to purchase products from non-Muslims for plenty of logical reasons. They would very much prefer to get decent yet second-hand products instead of buying a non-used one.

Best Offer

The Best Offer section is for those, who have already their own business, you can sell your products by communicating with us and provide Coupon Codes for the products we can showcase them in this section.

What do we do?

Through the services we provide, we would like to be the most reliable, entrusted brand among the Muslim customers and your number one priority to contact, if you are willing to sell or get the best products on the internet. Miskshop’s focus is to enhance the value chain for all the stakeholders it gets involved with. By building a sophisticated online community for the Muslims our objective is not just to be a platform for merely “buying” and “selling” products. Rather we focus on delivering “Happiness” and “Smile of satisfaction” in each event to all the parties.

How to Contact Miskshops

If you have any queries about our personal information or any policy, or if you are facing any issues and would like to make a complaint about how Miskshops processes personal data of yours, please contact us by email at contact@miskshops.com  or by using the contact details below.

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Address: Dephna House, 7 Coronation Road, Launchese

City: London

County: Greater London

Postcode: NW10 7PQ

Country: United Kingdom

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Company Number: 12320264

Company Registration Date: 2019-11-18


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