Miskshops Privacy Policy

  1. Introduction

Our website Miskshops is a multivendor market place that lets Muslim customers and vendors interact with one other. Our website is operated by MISK SHOP LTD. Please kindly take a moment and read these terms and conditions of use carefully. By using this website, you agree to obey the terms and rules you will find here. If you are not comfortable to be bound by these conditions of use you should not access or view our website. To make these conditions of use easier to read for you, we use a few definitions. The terms “Miskshops”, “we”, “us” and “our” are used here to refer to Miskshops.

  1. Financial information

The information, materials, and data you will find on this website are for general information purposes. Directly or indirectly they do not constitute investment advice nor they are an invitation, proposal, appeal, inducement or recommendation to need or dispose of any investment that has been made or to use in any other transaction with the mentioned companies, which includes investing in shares or other securities, or any other products or services or otherwise negotiating in these or entering into a contract with Miskshops.

  1. Information

In Miskshops the information we get from customers helps us personalize and constantly improve your experience on Miskshops. Below we have discussed some types of information that we usually gather.

  • Information customers give us

When you enter on our website or give us them in any other way, we receive and store that information. You have the right to not choose some certain provided information, but then you might not be able to take notice of many of our features. We collect the information that you provide for these purposes as responding to your requests or complaints, customizing future shopping for you, improving our care, and develop new ways to communicate with you.

  • Automatically provided information

There is a chance that whenever you interact with us, we receive and store certain types of information. For instance, in many Web sites, we might use ‘cookies’, and we attain specific kinds of information when your Web browser accesses Miskshops or advertisement.

  • E-mail

Sometimes we often receive a confirmation when you open e-mail from Miskshops if your computer contains such abilities, it helps us to make e-mails more useful and interesting. We also may compare our customer list to create lists that we receive from other companies. It is just an effort to avoid sending unnecessary messages to our customers.

  1. Does Miskshops share any information?
  • From buyer

If you are a Buyer, we will ask you to provide your contact information which will include your name, address, phone number, email address, etc. if you make a purchase we will need payment information including credit card or similar payment kind that you intend to purchase with, billing and delivery address. We will also want information about your purchases including the product you purchase and the quantity. If you want to make complaints, we will require information about your support complaints made in connection with our Platform or products and/or services purchased via our website Miskshops. If you apply for after-sales services we may want your ID, for example, your passport or identification verification in certain circumstances.

  • From seller

If you are a Seller meaning if you are an employee or representative of a Seller or a sole trader Seller, we will ask you to provide information about the Seller’s business, which includes corporate registration, business licenses, tax or similar information. We will want to know details about the goods and products that the Seller intends to sell via Miskshops. If you purchase any products, we will need payment information including your bank account or other payment information that the Seller intends to be paid by.

  1. Information from the third party

The third-party means we may pass your details to other companies affiliated with us only for the purpose of providing you a better service. We also may somewhat pass your details to our agents and subcontractors to help us with analyzing data and delivering us with marketing or customer service assistance to guide you.

We sometimes gather information about you through social media platforms, when you choose to register into our website via a social media account. Through this the information we get will depend on your privacy settings with the applicable platform, typically it includes basic public profile information, for example, your social media user name, nickname or username, your social media profile picture, your country, your company name, etc.

  1. Security

We take necessary precautions and follow industry best practices to protect your personal information and to make sure it is not inappropriately lost, disclosed, misused, accessed, altered, or destroyed. Though it is a known fact that no amount of transmission over the Internet or electronic storage is 100% secure, still we follow and maintain all PCI-DSS requirements and implement additional processes that will generally be accepted by industry standards. We may somehow reveal your personal information only if we are required by law to do so or if you violate our Terms of Use. You can visit our Terms and Use page to learn more about our complete terms of service.

  1. Withdraw and change your mind

If for any reason you change your mind, you can withdraw your consent for us to contact you, for the continued collection, use or reveal of your information and if you would like to access, correct, amend, or remove any personal data we have about you, you can register a complaint, or if you simply want more information then contact us at contact@miskshops.com