Benefits of Surat Al Fatiha – Virtues of Surah Al-Fatiha

Benefits of surah al Fatiha

Benefits of Surah Fatiha The most regularly repeated surah in the Quran is Surah Al Fatiha Fatiha. Muslims recite it in every Rakaah of every salah. Indeed, we say this prayer so much that it has become a habit for many of us to recite it, and we don’t even realize or notice what we […]

Top tips to stay healthy during the Hajj

Hajj Health Tips

Follow these Top tips to stay healthy during the Hajj  perform Hajj Muslims from the entire world, pour to Mecca every year, which is one of the Five Pillars of Islam. Every adult Muslim who is capable of performing Hajj, meaning who can financially and physically afford the trip must complete Hajj at least once […]

health benefits of dates during pregnancy And other situations

health benefits of dates during pregnancy And other situations

There are many people out there think that eating dates might not be good for them as they are high in natural sugar. Anyhow, the health benefits of dates during pregnancy And other situations are plenty, because dates are filled with so many nutrients, which makes them an excellent choice of snack in moderation.  Health benefits […]

House of Quran “Quran program for kids & adults”

House of Quran

House of Quran Sometimes it gets hard for Muslims to dedicate a large portion of their time to study in a school to memorize the Quran, there was a time when learning and reciting the Quran every day required full-time assistance from a professional. Well, those days are gone!  The House of Quran is created […]

Brief Guide To Understand Islam

Islam Guide- Islamic Brief Guid- Meaning of islam

This Brief Guide To Understand Islam is created for non-Muslims who would want to understand Islam, the followers of Islam (Muslims), and the Holy Quran. The guide is filled with so many references, information, illustrations, and bibliography of Islam. Any non-Muslim can count on their information as they are analyzed, studied, and edited by many Muslim […]

Islamic Culture – an overview | Miskshops Topics

Islamic culture

The reflection of Islamic values can be found in Islamic Culture. In Islam, it is prohibited to do anything which can encourage any open or hidden immoral behavior. Any sorts of indecent or filthiness are known as haram or unlawful in Islam. Meaning, Islam does not permit doing any act which is against human development […]

Islamic New year – Islamic year after Ramadan

Muharram- islamic new year

The Islamic New Year’s is the first day of Muharram, which is also the first month in the lunar Islamic calendar. We all Muslims know Muharram is the second most holy month of the Islamic year after Ramadan. The Islamic New Year has been observed since 622 A.D. It is known to us Muslims that […]

Islamic prayer – Religions – Islam: Salat: daily prayers

Islamic prayer

Knowing Salah or Islamic Prayer is very important for Muslims, a sad truth is, many of them do not feel like fulfilling the conditions of the prayer.  The soul reason behind praying is to put us Muslims in direct contact with Allah the Almighty; so that we can make our bond stronger with Him, and […]

Muslim Aid

If you want to learn about Muslim Aid or Muslim Aid UK, then know that in 1985 Muslim Aid was established in the UK. Several community leaders from 17 Islamic organizations have created it in response to the drought in the Horn of Africa. People who become victims of natural disasters or conflict, those who […]

Muslim Countries for Vacations

2020 is right around the corner and if you are trying to find Muslim countries for vacations then you are in the right place. It is like those times when by looking back on the past year we try to reflect ourselves with all the amazing experiences we have had. If you don’t want to […]